I cant crop photos on my new Sony Vaio laptop

  laptopdunce 20:01 03 Jan 2013

I did have a windows Vista laptop that had a fantastic default programme that enabled me to crop and alter the colour/lightness/darkness and all sorts of things on a photo, on this Vaio laptop it opens the photo but there is no way to crop a photo (which I do alot for ebay) I am really disappointed after it was so simple with the Vista laptop, I have tried to open a photo in Paint.net programme but I cant figure out how to crop a photo in there, what can I do? is there a different default programme that will let me "fix" a photo like the Vista laptop did? (I am really disappointed with this Vaio laptop as its IMPOSSIBLE (for me) to figure out what to do, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  iscanut 20:05 03 Jan 2013

Its not the laptop's fault. You need the software. Try Picassa and use the crop feature in that


  tarbyme 20:17 03 Jan 2013

lapto If you use Paint then you can crop by using this method First insert the photo by clicking on Paste then paste from go to the photo you wish to use. Now click on crop then click on the area you wish to crop, this will open up a window for you, this will crop the picture.

  SillBill 20:19 03 Jan 2013

Irfanview looks like the easiest to use.

  tarbyme 20:19 03 Jan 2013

Lapto Forgot to say when you have put the square in the area you want click crop again

  Ian in Northampton 20:40 03 Jan 2013

Another vote for Irfanview.

  Woolwell 21:07 03 Jan 2013

laptopdunce was probably using Windows Photo Gallery on Vista. It can be downloaded as part of Windows Live Essentials.

  laptopdunce 22:23 03 Jan 2013

Hi Woolwell, Yes, it was windows photo gallery on the Vista laptop, it was SO HANDY because as soon as I clicked on "preview" for the photo on my SD card from the camera or on any of my stroed photos on the laptop it opened with that fantastic "page" where you had "fix photo" and when clicking on that it opened all the best fix options including crop and altering the contrast/lightness etc., so my question is: how do I download this as part of windows live essentials? Will I already have Windows Live Essentials on this Sony vaio laptop? (I am a total dunce with these things after all) thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Woolwell 22:32 03 Jan 2013
  SillBill 22:34 03 Jan 2013
  laptopdunce 22:35 03 Jan 2013

Tarbyme - that "paint" programme is TERRIBLY difficult, I can get the rectangular cursor to crop the photo I have imported but then what do I do?? there is no explanation of how to only keep the cropped part of the photo!! its TERRIBLE!! I want to get the Windows Photo Gallery installed which Woolwell was right, this was the EXCELLENT programme I had on the Vista laptop, so easy to use and ALWAYS worked, no messing about with all this "paste" and opening new windows, Oh, what a mess!! I just want to know how to install the Windows Photo gallery as part of the Windows Live Essentials, trouble is I havent a clue if I already have the windows Live Essentials on this Vaio laptop?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

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