I can't classify this problem but....

  pj123 14:27 30 Apr 2005

will try.

A friend's computer.

Athlon XP 2000, 256mb ram, onboard sound and graphics, 40gb HDD running windows 98SE.

Suddenly, no boot. No beeps, no monitor. After a lot of stripping down, checking connections re-seating PCI cards etc.. all working. Next day no boot, same thing.

This is what we found.

He has a scanner sitting on top of the tower unit. If we take the scanner off the tower his computer boots first time every time. If we put the scanner back on top of the tower, back to square one, no boot??? I can't see any reason why putting a scanner on top of the tower unit could cause this problem.

Believe me, this is true.

  octal 14:38 30 Apr 2005

I do believe you, I've seen stranger things, nearly all can be explained though.

The only thing I can think of is the PSU is located at the top of the tower and it might be a magnetic field disrupting the electronics in the scanner. I can't imagine what is putting out such a field from a switch mode PSU, but who knows.

There is one other thought, hum loops, is the metalwork underneath the scanner touching the metal box of the computer, try putting a newspaper under it.

  octal 14:38 30 Apr 2005

Under the scanner that is :-)

  octal 15:00 30 Apr 2005

Sorry, I keep thinking of things.

Is there something under the scanner that might be shorting out on the metal of the computer?

  pj123 15:08 30 Apr 2005

octal, now that's a good point. The width of the tower unit is less than the rubber feet on the scanner. Will try some insulation between the two.

But I only see on once a week. Will ring/email him with this solution.

Keeping this open so I don't have to start again.

  blanco 18:25 30 Apr 2005

Just to add, I have always had my scanner on top of the tower without any problems but it does stand on two half inch wooden batens which I used so as to retain an airflow underneath.

  961 20:17 30 Apr 2005

...shift the scanner

Problem solved

  Buchan 35 23:01 30 Apr 2005

Oh dear!!!;-)))

  lotvic 23:06 30 Apr 2005

Spot on

  octal 09:07 01 May 2005

Seems like the most logical solution doesn't it? But there's probably a very good reason why the scanner has to be placed were it is, like nowhere else to put it because of lack of space.

  pj123 11:20 01 May 2005

Yes, relocating the scanner has been taken in to account but as octal says "no more room".

He is now doing a re-shuffle and is extending the desk space with added shelves.

Hopefully that will solve the problem.

Thanks for all the comments everyone.

I will tick as resolved.

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