i cannot turn on my wifi, i cannot find wifi adapt

  RadoM 00:13 07 Jun 2017

I cannot turn the wifi on. It says that Ethernet cable is not connected. But I was using only wifi. When I check network adapters, there is only one displayed for Ethernet, not for wifi. one time it got fixed by itself when I restarted it for maybe 4 times. but then when my pc went to sleep and tried to switch it on, it was the same problem. no wifi, no wifi adapter to switch on.

  Govan1x 08:47 07 Jun 2017

Maybe check in device manager in case it has been switched off on there or maybe try updating the driver for it or rolling it back if that does not work. If not working properly it should show a yellow exclamation mark.

  q33ny 11:27 07 Jun 2017

Like above, make sure you have the latest drivers and make sure the Wi-Fi adapter is enabled.

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