I cannot play games III - my last tether.

  bta1 18:18 14 Oct 2003

Right, third time lucky.
I don't think my on board graphics supports DirectX, which is why my games continually return to the windows screen when i play them. Firstly does this sound right (surely any decent computer shop would realise this is the most widely used thing in games and their stuff should support it.)
Secondly my graphics are on board, if i buy a graphics card will it interfere negatively with this or will it ust take over the graphics responsibility. Amateur i know, please be kind.
Thirdly is there any way of forcing my graphics to accept direct x. I have the latest version (9.0) from microsoft?

  citadel 18:33 14 Oct 2003

a decent graphics card will give a massive increase in performance. Your motherboard will have to have a agp slot to put it in. Have you run dxdiag this should tell you any dx problems.

  bta1 18:42 14 Oct 2003

i thought i'd need a new card. Can anyone recommend a good one and where to get it? (two kids, wife, man on a budget here.)

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