i cannot play games

  bta1 23:03 10 Oct 2003

i have an aries intel 2.0ghz intel celeron processor with a 512mb memory, 60gb of hard drive with buffer (?) 128 bit 3D AGP Graphics solution with upto 32MB frame buffer and windows XP home edition.
I can't play theme park, any demos that come from magazines or any fo those sold out games e.g worms, swat 2 jimmy white snooker.
They install ok and sometimes (if i am very lucky) i get to see the introduction. Then every time without fail it goes back ot the windows screen. I have looked on all the help sections that come with the games, but nothing mentions this. Can my system just not cope with these games, or is there something else. Please Help.

  hugh-265156 23:10 10 Oct 2003

sound like you have onboard graphics,they may not be up to the job.

if you can get as far as the game settings screen then choose the lowest screen size 640x480 or 800x600 and turn of any fancy effects.

theme pk is not very demanding though and should play ok on your system,scrolling may be slow at 1024x768 or higher though.

what is the make and model of your computer and will have a look and see if there is a graphic driver update for the chipset.

alternativly get click here and it will tell you which chipset and even give you links to driver updates that may well help.

most newer games wont play well if at all with onboard graphics,aida will also tell you if you have an agp slot,then its just a case of buying a graphics card to upgrade.

  clayton 23:14 10 Oct 2003

I know it says 128 bit 3D AGP Graphics solution with upto 32MB frame buffer, but do you have a AGP graphics card or is it onboard graphics ?? what the exact model no of your pc.

  hugh-265156 23:18 10 Oct 2003

if you click start/control panel/performance and maintenance/system/ or start/control panel/system how much memory does it say you have?

if its less than 512 then the missing ram is used by onboard graphics.

  dontaskme 23:24 10 Oct 2003

isn't theme park an old game? your specs sound fine for it.

Have you tried dxdiag? might be a problem with directx.

  hugh-265156 23:31 10 Oct 2003

"isn't theme park an old game? your specs sound fine for it"

cpu intensive i think also.if its theme pk2.

even try running sim city 4 on a good graphics card will give it a workout.strange but true.

  Q-Bie 23:45 10 Oct 2003

Lots of the sold out games are DOS games and won't run on windows XP. The first theme park is the same. How old are the game demos you're trying to run?

  Q-Bie 23:48 10 Oct 2003

In fact, I remember when we had theme park in the sold out range, there was a big sticker on the front saying don't play with anything higher than a 166 mhz PC. The game has no speed limiting and so on modern machines the game runs too fast(!) to be playable.

  hugh-265156 00:00 11 Oct 2003

from ea tech support:

Does Sim Theme Park work under Windows XP?

Sim Theme Park should work under Windows XP. Here are some basic things you can try to resolve your issue;

1. Make sure that you are logged in as the Administrator (for Windows XP Professional) or Owner (for Windows XP Home). This will usually be the first account that was created once Windows XP was fully installed. If you are not certain, contact the manufacturer of your PC for assistance in finding your Administrator/Owner account.

2. Make sure that you have closed any programs or tasks running in the background. To do this, hold the Ctrl and Alt keys down at the same time and hit the Del key once. This will in turn bring up a window called "Task Manager". You will then see 5 tabs; Applications, Processes, Performance, networking, and Users. Select the Processes tab; this will list all current programs that are running. Close all programs that have your login ID next to them. Your user ID is listed in the second column next to the program name. For example here is a portion of what you should see;

Image Name User Name Session ID

Explorer.exe Owner 01

The Image Name column is the name of the programs currently running. The User Name column is where you will find your User Name. The best way to check this is to locate "Explorer" and see what it says under User Name.

Also, do not close any applications that say "System" next to them. Be sure not to close a program labeled "Explorer" or "Taskmgr" as well. You close each one of these applications by clicking on each one and hitting the button "End Process". Note some applications may take multiple times before closing. Don't worry that you are permanently changing your system configuration; these applications will return when you restart your system.

3. Try running the game in Windows Compatability mode for either Windows 98/Windows ME or Windows 2000. You can do this by right clicking once on the shortcut and selecting properties by left-clicking on it. Click on the tab that says Compatibility and enable "Windows95/98 compatibility mode" or "Windows 2000 compatability mode". You can also try running the installation for the game using the Program Compatibility Wizard. You can find the wizard program by clicking on Start - All Programs - Accessories and you will see the shortcut for Program Compatibility Wizard listed there. Make sure that as you walk thru the menus that you select the option "I want to use the program in the CD-ROM drive." which will be the options on the second screen of the wizard.

4. Update the drivers for your sound and video cards. To update your soundcard driver, go to your sound card manufacturers web page and download the most recent Windows XP driver available for your Sound card. To update the driver for your videocard, first determine what type of videocard you have. This information is usually available in the System control panel, in Device Manager, under the display adapters heading. Next, try to obtain a new driver for that device from the manufacturer, either by downloading one from the manufacturer's website or by contacting the manufacturer of the card directly. Installing newer drivers for both of these cards should fix your problem. If you need help installing these drivers, please contact the manufacturer in question, as these drivers are not our products.

5. Run the following utility: SAFEMODE.BAT

This file can be found in the directory to which you installed the game, which is probably C:\Program Files\SimTheme Park.

This will set the lowest graphic options for this game, and disable the use of any 3D hardware. If you have a 3D graphics card installed, and this method is successful in running the game, you can use the options screen in-game to re-enable your graphics card, and then select higher detail options one by one to find out which one is causing the problems.

Pressing escape when inside of the game, then choosing "options" can find detail options.

6. Try to lower the sound acceleration for your sound card. To do this:

a. Go to Start>Find>Files & Folders.
b. In the "Named" box, type the following: dxdiag.exe
c. Then make sure the "Look In" box is pointed to your (C:\) drive.
d. Click "Find Now".
e. After the file has been found, double click on it to run the
f. Click on the tab labeled "Sound".
g. Lower the Hardware acceleration down to "basic"
h. Click "Exit" and try to run the game.

7. Try to lower your video hardware acceleration. I would like you to right click on your desktop and select Properties. Click on Settings and then on the button that says Advanced. Once there, click on the tab that says Troubleshooting. Adjust the setting to one notch to the right of NONE. Also, be sure to check and make sure that the option Write Combining has been unchecked. Then try the game again.

  hugh-265156 00:03 11 Oct 2003

there is more but rather than post it click here and click help top right and fill in the boxes for your game

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