I cannot get rid of Norton Antivirus

  Willow12 08:28 01 Mar 2006

Just tried to change my antivirus from AVG to Avast and it could not run all of its program because parts of Norton Antivirus that I thought I got rid of 2 years ago are still hanging around. It does not show up as a program on any program list but does have a file in c/programfiles/norton systemworks. This cannot be deleted as I just get told it cannot revove av/applog as it is being used by another user.

How can I get rid of Norton once and for all? I think it is either 2002 or 2003, not even sure which one!

I use Windows XP.


  recap 08:52 01 Mar 2006

You can try removing it in safe mode.

  xania 08:52 01 Mar 2006

Your best bet is to load Windows in Safe Mode. This only loads minimal drivers and will not load any of the Norton files. You should then be able to safely remove the folder. However, I suspect that you will then get a number of error messages when you next boot up telling you that it cannot find files it needs. To avoid this, you will need to run msconfig, and working with the rightmost tab, uncheck everything that gives a file location c/programfiles/norton systemworks.

NB If you want to be safer, when in safe mode, don't delete the folder - just rename it.

However, a final thought. After so many years, you may derive a great deal of benefit from a complete re-installation of Windows, as well as resolving your problem with Norton.

  Willow12 09:07 01 Mar 2006

There is not enough of Norton left to create anything that shows up on start-up so msconfig should not show anything up. How do I get into safe mode? And will I need to turn off System Restore before doing so?

  recap 09:22 01 Mar 2006

On booting up your system you will need to press F8

  Ballie 09:39 01 Mar 2006

I have had this problem with winxp,

Tuned off system restore, then do a search on your h/d for files with the name "Norton" "Symantec" "system works" and any thing else you can think of that is Norton based product.

Delete everything it finds with these names then reboot then use regseeker click here and clean the reg again deleting all norton/symantac.

Reboot and try to install avast - also make sure you remove Avg first.

  Andsome 09:50 01 Mar 2006

I got rid of every last bit of Norton with help from Symantec. A little patience on their website will take you to various removal tools. A tweak in the registry finalised everything. If you are not happy to tweak the registry, send an e-mail.

  TonyAA 09:50 01 Mar 2006

Had same problem a while ago and this uninstaller from Norton removed it.click here

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