I cannot get into Control Panel - help please

  [DELETED] 11:41 26 Nov 2003

Quite a while ago I installed IBM viaVoice and later decided that I did not need it. I did not know about Add/Remove programs through windows at that time and I just deleted all the files I could find with "viavoice" in their names. (Yes I now know how stupid this was). Now when I want to go into Control Panel I get an arror message saying that a viavoice module could not be loaded and then the computer jams up for a few seconds and then returns to the desktop. What can I do to get rid of this error. Please help!!

  [DELETED] 11:47 26 Nov 2003

Can you reinstall it and then uninstall it again?

  [DELETED] 11:48 26 Nov 2003

In view of the potential damage you may have inflicted on Windows, I would proably recommend repair option on your Windows Recovery disk. There is potentially some serious damage to the operating database - you will almost certainly have to run a Registry cleaner as well as the actions you have taken may affect other loaded programs, such as Office.

Can you post details of your OS & PC & I am sure we will be able to talk you through it if necessary?



  [DELETED] 11:57 26 Nov 2003

Thankyou both for such a quick response. I did reinstall it and then uninstalled it properly once i realised what i should have done in the first place. that did not fix the problem. OS is windows XP and the PC is Packard Bell Celeron Chip (can't remember exactly as it is my mothers machine but I am going there now and can clarify all this in about 1/2 hr). she definitely has a red windows recovery disk so i will see what you have said when i get there and maybe we can fix this!! thanx once again.

  [DELETED] 12:01 26 Nov 2003

Just be aware that that disk will reset the PC back to how it was when it came out of the factory!

Had a phone call of someone wanting me to backup work / accounts AFTER he reset his mates PC back to Windows 95!!!!

  [DELETED] 12:27 26 Nov 2003

Excellent reminder from J2K.

Please ensure all important files [such as my Documents, etc.] are backed up & that you have all the installation disks for any software added AFTER you first turned the PC on. I recall that I did this excercise a long time ago and forgot that I had 'offered' my Office 97 to my daughter & had to go out and buy Office XP. Well that was the excuse to the wife ;o))))

As soon as you can, please post with EXACT details of what disks you have available, etc.

I'm sure he won't mind me singing his praises, but the Jester seems to help with reinstallations every week & won't steer you wrong - lol.

  [DELETED] 14:00 26 Nov 2003

Thanx again for responding. I am on the offending machine now. She really does not want me to reset everything as it does not bother her at all that she cannot get into Control Panel - never needs to. If I can fix it any other way then I would like to as I would like to put right what I did wrong but I am not going to start from scratch today. If she ever needs to change anything via control panel then i will be forced to reset.

Is there anything else i could try? - A registry cleaner perhaps? Which one?

  [DELETED] 14:05 26 Nov 2003

Run a search for "SETNOTE.CPL" is it there?

  [DELETED] 14:08 26 Nov 2003

Try going to start/run and type in --sfc scannow--

  [DELETED] 14:09 26 Nov 2003

sorry should have been sfc /scannow

  [DELETED] 14:11 26 Nov 2003

Won't work unless she changes the reg.

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