I cannot access one particular site...

  vomitself 11:19 28 Feb 2006

I really need to get into click here but all I get is 'document contains no data' in firefox or 'the page cannot be displayed/cannot find server' in IE. I thought the site was offline for quite some time but now KNOW it is up and working fine. i have no idea what could be causing this, I have been onto my ISP and they didn't have a clue either, they suggested I get onto the site admin.... How??

Has anybody got any Ideas?


  namtas 11:24 28 Feb 2006

Works fine for me, I am also using Firefox

  johnnyrocker 11:29 28 Feb 2006

works ok for me using IE suggest a clean out of temp internet files etc and try again


  johndrew 11:31 28 Feb 2006

I used your link and it works fine - even with Java blocked.

  remind 11:32 28 Feb 2006

Temporarily disable your hosts file with this (click here) and try the site

  vomitself 11:33 28 Feb 2006

I've tried clearing temp files, cache, cookies etc.
I clear these regularly.I've also tried disabling firewall with no luck.

  gudgulf 11:38 28 Feb 2006

It certainly is working....just got in with both Firefox and IE.

Is that the only site you have problems with?

  vomitself 11:43 28 Feb 2006

Yes thats the only I am having having trouble with.

The Host Toggle does not help unfortunately.

  micklemouse 11:53 28 Feb 2006

You might try looking at the Privacy Report under View > Privacy Report on that webpage. Under 'Show All Websites', a right-click on each address will show whether or not the default privacy settings are used. I had a similar problem to yours and i coudln't access the website without allowing a certain cookie to advertise on it.

  remind 11:57 28 Feb 2006

Can you access it if you put the ip address directly into the address bar?

  vomitself 12:06 28 Feb 2006

Nope. IP does not work.

Privacy Report does not access the page either so I cannot get that info.

I was just thinking about reformatting. This only started about 6-7 weeks ago. I have already removed all installed programs since then and run multiple system restores.

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