i can only get 16 colours!

  SH4IN 22:58 26 Feb 2003

i have just bought a pc i have changed something and i dont know what! Now i cant change the colour in the display, i only have 1 choise and that is 16 colours, before i changed somthing i had 4 options there but now only 1??? i have re run windows and search for updated drivers but notning seems to work. i am running 1.3 duron, 128 ram, 16 graphic, and 16 sound, 15in monitor with win me, please help!!

  snow white 23:04 26 Feb 2003

when you had your pc did you get a sys-board cd with it ?

  snow white 23:08 26 Feb 2003
  woodchip 23:15 26 Feb 2003

If you right click your desktop and choose properties\settings\advanced\monitor click change monitor choose show all then choose a generic SVGA monitor if your monitor is not in the list then select the resolution of about 1024 by about 750 then click apply you should then be able to change the colour

  sil_ver 23:17 26 Feb 2003

Suspect you need to reinstall your graphics card driver.

  Kyomii 23:25 26 Feb 2003

Yes, you will need to reinstall the driver unless changing the resolution and restarting the machine solves the problem (it sometimes does)

I build a few machines and its surprising how many of those new to computing ring me with this very problem (16 colours) and they always say the same thing " i have changed something and i dont know what!

It appears that new users miles apart must be attracted to play around with the same graphic settings LOL

  wetterfugal 23:32 26 Feb 2003

These forums can not only provide a solution to a problem but educate an interested browser. To carry out private communications will not help others with similar problems. the thread can be lost. So come on, don't be shy!

  Ironman556 23:43 26 Feb 2003

Also it's not a good idea to post yourt email address, you can be contacted on the address you provided to PCQ by clicking the envolope next to your name.

I doubt this'll be applicable to you because you seem to have a new system, but my dad's old pc had 2 graphics cards in (Voodoo 3 and Savage somthing-or-other). I didn't realise that, but installed one set of drivers and got stuck with only 16 colours. eventually I decided to install the Voodoo drivers too, and got em all.

Either way it does seem to be a graphics drivers causing the problem. If you know what card you have try downloading the latest from the manufacturer's site, or install from the disc ytou should have.


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