I can not send a email

  petehat 09:53 19 Jul 2012

Dear Sir. I can not send a email as it comes up cant send to more than disagnated person. Yours Mr P Hatherell

  birdface 10:22 19 Jul 2012

This is the 4th post you have about the same thing.maybe close the rest and leave this on open.

What e-mail program are you using .If you don't tell us we cannot help.

Also what Internet provider do you use.


So far you have not answered any of the questions.

  KRONOS the First 11:48 19 Jul 2012

First post.

Second post.

Third post.

Not enough information to fill the back of a stamp from all of them together.

  lotvic 13:10 19 Jul 2012

seems petehat needs to know how to post again on his thread, instead of starting a new one.

petehat, to talk to us, at the bottom of this thread there is a box called Reply to this topic type what you want to say and then click on Post which is just below the box.

answer the questions that we ask and we will try to help you (we are quite friendly)

  Woolwell 14:21 19 Jul 2012

"more than disagnated person". How many people are you trying to send to? Some ISP's have a limit. But I'm guessing that that is your snag.

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