I can not get into computer from the start icon.

  elimarb 09:59 07 Mar 2018

I bought a secondhand computer that has been (supposedly) serviced. But I can not get into the computer software. When switched on it comes up with the MicroSoft logo, and desktop icons, along the bottom of the screen there are seven icons and the Start button. When any of the icons (including the start) are clicked the cursor just keeps going around and nothing happens. I've managed to run a security software to check for any viruses, and some software called Reimage and both say any problems have been resolved. So, what I want to know is how can I get in to clear any and all software and reload from scratch. ElimarB

  wee eddie 11:47 07 Mar 2018

Take it back. Do not accept any demand for money to fix it. It is not fit for purpose. If they refuse to fix it threaten to go to Trading Standards, or whatever Authority does that job in your area

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