I can not attach files when in gmail ?

  Imagesue 09:33 27 Feb 2018

Hi I hope you can help! Why when trying to attach a document I get photos instead even though I click the paper clip ?

  Jollyjohn 11:43 27 Feb 2018

I think it is because GMail remembers the last folder used. So if you attached a photo last time, it thinks you want to attach a photo this time. Navigate to your Documents folder and attach the document. Next time you try to attach something it will go straight to your Documents folder.

  AroundAgain 12:48 27 Feb 2018

I've never experienced this issue

I always open File Expl, find the file TO attach and then just click and drag to the email. If you drop it in the body of the email, it will only display there but, if you drop it towards the address/subject area, and to the right, the attachment area will show and it goes as attachment

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