i can connect to my router but not to the internet

  daft_ninja 11:35 26 Sep 2011

I have 2 laptops and an iphone. Laptop 1 and the iphone connect fine.

Laptop 2 doesnt connect. Its connected to the router but nothing after that. My connections monitors flash but no globe.

If i do a wired connection it works fine.

I have Sky broadband. The router is a sagem.

any ideas.

The laptop works on other networks. and it is running vista.

  mgmcc 16:18 26 Sep 2011

Your settings may have become corrupted. Delete the existing wireless "profile" that has been saved and go through the procedure to Connect again when a new "profile" will be saved.

Exactly how you do this will depend on whether you're using third-party software provided with the wireless adapter or Windows' own wireless software. If Windows, it is different in XP from Vista or 7.

  daft_ninja 16:33 26 Sep 2011


I tried a couple of times to delete the network from my list and whilst i was there cleared out some old ones.

This didnt work.

I found a solution on google that said i should update the wireless drivers. from my control panel whilst using the wired connection. Do you think this will help?

  mgmcc 08:26 27 Sep 2011

Has this Laptop ever connected wirelessly? If it has, then the existing drivers must have been OK.

If it hasn't previously connected, is your wireless network using encryption (WPA/WPA2) that the Laptop's adapter doesn't support. In this situation, updated drivers might implement support for the later types of encryption.

  kristain 13:56 27 Sep 2011


You can fix the Internet connectivity issues of your router in your wireless network; first, you can check the type of issue faced. Check for your router and the associated hardware. If you have issues with your power supply, you need to ensure proper supply of power. Check your Ethernet connectivity cables; if you have any issues with them, you could replace the cables. If you have issues with your Internet Service Provider, you can contact them and get the problem fixed.

  onthelimit1 14:11 27 Sep 2011

Very helpful post, kristain - not! (unless you have 'issues').

  mobing 03:48 30 Sep 2011

good poost ! thanks !

  matt2000 08:56 02 Oct 2011

move the laptop closer to the ruter.

it's normally an obstruction that causes theese problems. if that fails it is a laptop fault

  pwerzado 12:22 06 Oct 2011

hi daft,

Are you prompted with a network message "Unable to Connect"? This might be a problem with the settings of your wireless network being hanged-up. Please try this, turn-off all power supply (modem, router, your Laptop 2) and switched it back on, simply resetting devices might work. Please see below related problem, this will help.

http://www.techyv.com/questions/how-can-i-connect-my-laptop-my-wireless-router#comments ,

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