i can burn movies, but they wont play?

  agent 47 17:41 29 Jul 2005

hi guys,
when i burn a movie to dvd or anything to dvd it burns ok, then when i put it back in to play, it just locks up, nothing happens, just the drive light flashing away! then if i go into "my computer" and select the drive with the disc in & open it, it freezes & says not responding! & i have to eject the disc, & everytrhing is back to normal,i have tried 5 different discs, & all are the same, if i burn a movie or just do a direct copy from disc to disc,even copy a copied disc, it still same?and if i put it into my dvd player thats connected to my tv it says unknown disc? i have tried to play the movies that i have ripped to my hard drive, and they play fine, but when i put them on disc,they wont play, i have used DVD Shrink 3.2 & Nero 6.6.8 please help guys? thanks agent47.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 17:48 29 Jul 2005

it sounds that your getting errors when you burn 1.at what speed are you burning dvd the less the better less errors.2 turn of all apps that are not needed during the burn. 3 possibly your dvd writer does not burn to the disc some disc buners dont like some type of ink used on the disc i have had that prob till i changed to a different make of disc.

  agent 47 20:32 29 Jul 2005

i have just tried to play a movie that i burned,
on my sons pc,and it plays fine!
yet when i put it in any of my two dvd drives it freezes!! all that happens is the lights continuasly flash! and cant get into the drive through my computer,whats happening guys?

  Sans le Sou 23:24 29 Jul 2005

Are you using Nero Showtime to playback,and how many other applications do you have for playing DVDs.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 04:46 30 Jul 2005

just a sugestion is your drive DMA enabled to check have a look in control panel>system>hard ware>device manager> click on the plus next to IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers to open it up click propertise of your primary and secondary IDE channels got to advanced settings and change it to DMA if avalible .

  ICF 06:31 30 Jul 2005

Have you got a codec pack installed like the K-Lite Codec Pack 2.50 Full [11.8 MB] click here

  agent 47 18:28 30 Jul 2005

yes it says i have "dma if available"
and i have got k-lite codec pack, i have windows media player 10 with codecs and nero showtime,but the problem is as soon as i put in the burned dvd it doesnt give me an option to play! it just freezes and nothing at all happens
just the drive light continuasly flashing away?
i have 1 benq dvd drive and 1 btc dvd re-writer drive.the same happens in both drives?
please help!

  baldyx 19:05 30 Jul 2005

Do you have Sonic DLA installed on your pc?
It gives me lot of problems so sometime i disable it . Click on the property of the dvd icon and uncheck the 'Enable DLA on your drive' bit.

  ICF 19:09 30 Jul 2005

Can you play the DVD you have burned in another pc or tand alone DVD player?

  stalion 19:12 30 Jul 2005

What discs are you useing dvd-r dvd+r dvd-rw?

  Sans le Sou 21:25 30 Jul 2005

Have you got Nero Media player installed. If you have you might like to get rid of it and see if it helps.

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