I can burn CDs but not DVDs, please help!!!

  jon_hoggy 10:34 01 Feb 2006

I have a Dell pc with Samsung CD/DVD drive and Sonic CD/DVD burning software
(bundled with the system) and Nero 6 (installed).
I have no problems burning CD's but when i try to burn a DVD, although it looks on screen that it is going
through the process (even says burn successful at the end), nothing happens to the DVD and the drive
seems to ignore the instructions from the software. So far I have tried different makes/format of disc, and
checked the Samsung website for incompatibility issues, but nothing is mentioned.
Any suggestions appreciated. This is my first home pc, but i can usually find my way around.....

  €dstowe 10:38 01 Feb 2006

Are you certain that you have a DVD writer installed?

A lot of so-called CD/DVD "combos" are CD writers that will read DVDs but not write them. Could be described as a misleading claim, I suppose.

Do you know the model number of the drive?

  jon_hoggy 10:44 01 Feb 2006

I'm positive its a writer, 16 x DVD +/- RW, havent got the model number at hand (at work) but will edit post later.

  MidgetMan 10:45 01 Feb 2006

Agree with €dstowe on this one, it does sound like you only have a cd burner, how old is the system? as I would be suprised if you had been supplied with a system without one in the last year or so.

You could right click and check the properties of the drive.

  MidgetMan 10:47 01 Feb 2006

you posted while I was still typing!!.

Does nero regonise the drive as a dvd writer? i.e when you use the drop down to burn dvd instead of cd?.

  jon_hoggy 10:58 01 Feb 2006

Yes Nero recognises it no probs, compiles the data and says on screen its burning - just nothing happens in the drive.

  Gringo2005 13:19 01 Feb 2006

have you tried different disks?
what discs are you using?

It's likely that the software you received was only a demo and it might have expired

Suggest that you try a test burn in Nero and if that reveals nothing then use a different software suite
Do you have Alcohol 120%?

would be worth confirming that the drives is installed correctly in control panel, device manager also

  Biotech 13:29 01 Feb 2006

Did it work pre Nero installation on just the sonic software, there is mention - on the advisability of having more than one burning software installed - in some areas. Like a lot of things some will get away with it others will not. Have you got the complete Nero suite installed?

  gudgulf 13:33 01 Feb 2006

Are you sure that in the "Burn" tab of Nero Burning ROM "Write" is ticked and not "Simulation".

Simulation is designed to go through the motions of burning the DVD without actually writing to the disc.......it's a way of checking that the compilation will successfully burn rather than going ahead and risking producing a coaster.

Sounds like the situation you have,so it's worth checking.

  Biotech 13:44 01 Feb 2006

When you do a simulation you do not have a "BURN" button it just says "SIMULATE" only turns to burn when Write is checked. This is for version, dont remember previous versions.

  stalion 14:18 01 Feb 2006

it's possible that your cd/dvd drive is faulty

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