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I built my PC but it says "no signal"

  Fluttercuddle 01:50 28 Jan 2017

I just built my new PC but everytime I turn it on it says "no nignal". I've tried everything. Using 1 ram stick on every position. Taking out all of the wires and plugging them back in. Plugging the vga chord into my other monitor. Used an hdmi chord. I don't know what else I can do. This is my PC build: click here

  Jollyjohn 12:46 30 Jan 2017

If your graphics card is faulty you will get a refund or replacement. If you send it back as faulty, and it isn't, then you will be charged shipping plus a handling charge and you still won't have a working PC.

Try to borrow a card from a friend, or try your graphics card in a different PC.

  Fluttercuddle 13:27 30 Jan 2017

Okay I'll probably get a new one. Any recommendations?

  Bris 13:53 30 Jan 2017

Just a pointer here. When building a PC its always best to get all the major components from the same supplier and a specialist one at that then if you get problems they will be able to help.

There are plenty out there. I use Novatech, for no particular reason, as I have found them very helpful in the past and they have a live chat facility. In circumstances such as yours they would most likely have the card back for testing and if found to be faulty then you would not be liable for postage in either direction.

  Jollyjohn 16:08 30 Jan 2017

Contact your supplier and see what help they offer.

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