i bought new pc,what are 1st sensible things to do

  tregg 19:10 31 May 2007

I just got a new laptop.
what should I do, such as creating a restore point, or downloading an antivirus; BEFORE I go online, OR install software, that might go wrong.
maybe you members have lots of smart tips for things to do, when you first have a new pc.

  howard64 19:13 31 May 2007

anti virus and firewall preferably from a cd rather than letting an unprotected pc on to the web.

  Binary Ghost (the only Paul) 19:14 31 May 2007

the best programs are the free programs

click here - firewall
click here - anti virus
click here - spyware

  rawprawn 19:16 31 May 2007

First Job Download and install an antivrus. I can recomend this Free Avast click here
Create a restore point
If you can afford get a good backup program, I recomend Acronis click here
After that take it slowly and don't just download anything for the sake of it.
Other recomendations incude
Spyware terminator
and CCleaner all can be found in google

  Diversion 19:16 31 May 2007

Install all your software before you activate, Firewall antivirus and anti spyware and any other software.

  rawprawn 19:18 31 May 2007

I am assuming Vista, and I have found Vista firewall adequate

  speedtrap60 19:53 31 May 2007

Create a master disk in case of abreak down assuming you havent got the OEM disc

  JYPX 20:40 31 May 2007

rawprawn has already suggested Acronis. In my opinion this is the most important piece of software that you can currently buy. The only drawback is that you will have to buy the latest version (current build of True Image 10 Home) if you have Vista.

  I am Spartacus 21:09 31 May 2007

Make sure you have at least 1 (external hard disk) or preferably 2 (DVD) backup mediums if your data is important.

  Totally-braindead 21:44 31 May 2007

Did you get a windows disk with your PC? If not and it only comes preinstalled then its up to you to make a backup and I suggest this should be your first action, then antivirus etc.

  tregg 18:27 04 Jun 2007

thanks for your replies all.
i guess the anti virus and firewall i already knew about, but not the restore, and acronis stuff.
i ordered acronis 9, which is the first thing i will do. my pc is XP, by the way.
then i will figure out how to create a restore point.
i did get an OEM windows disc, but i might try to make a back up, anyway. that seems a sensible thing to do, even if i dont need to, because i have the OEM disc.
then i will put antivirus/ firewall etc, from a flash memory stick.

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