I bought a negative & slide scanner

  conigio 22:57 05 Jul 2008

I bought a slide scanner from Amazon market place only to find out the company that built it has gone bankrupt,so no back up or technical help.
What I need is driver to be able to run on xp sp2.
the driver that came with the scanner is for 98.
Any help would be appreciated.

  C3 23:28 05 Jul 2008

It would be helpful if we had the make and model of the scanner!

  conigio 12:57 06 Jul 2008

Sorry about that C3. It is a JENOPTIK JS Jenscan 21
made by Tamarack Technolologies ,Inc Taiwan

  iscanut 13:32 06 Jul 2008

Not sure if it will help, but try here
click here

  beeuuem 14:31 06 Jul 2008

Have you tried click here ?

  Daiol 17:47 06 Jul 2008

Have a read here ::click here or :click here :click here or click here

  FreeCell 10:24 08 Jul 2008

Have you tried a Windows 200 driver to see if it works?
click here implies it should work with XP.

  iscanut 10:49 08 Jul 2008

Any of our suggestions of any help ??

  jack 19:46 08 Jul 2008

There is a generality that scanners made for DOS based a system such Win 95/8/ME wont go on a NTFS system such as XP/VISTA-- different commands and processors in the scanner you see

Ome thing you can try is to install the supplied driver and software.
Then go to Start/Programs/Accessories/System tools/Compatibility Wizard and reset the system to run as Win 98 for this program.

  conigio 20:03 08 Jul 2008

I have been working through all the suggestions on by one. One was a link to Jenoptik. They did not want to know,sent back my email as not read,and deleted.
Two were links to the same web page.
one was to a company that did have a driver for jenoptik 95 98. which I allready have,but do not work in xp.
I would like to thank every one out there for their input. Nuts, Freecell, Daiol,beeuum & C3
I have decided to give it all amiss,and scrap this scanner. Any suggestions for a negative and slide scanner that will run on XP for under £200.00

  conigio 20:08 08 Jul 2008

Only just read the post from Jack, so will try that. Thank You.

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