I bought another laptop today.

  KRONOS the First 18:34 08 Jun 2012

The continuing saga of my first laptop purchase.Previous posts:

Another what laptop question.

New laptop plenty baggage.

Anyway got rid of the Samsung and bought myself a Novatech nSpire 2450 which was less than the Samsung plus i got cashback on the purchase and the best bit is it comes free of any software, so although there is no OS neither is there bloatware. so far I am very impressed, just waiting on a bluetooth mouse as I really do not like a touch pad. Thanks to all who offered advice.

  birdface 18:49 08 Jun 2012


Nice one glad you found something that works for you.You can also get them with the OS and without the bloatware.

I take it that you already had an OS to put on it.Or sometimes cheaper buying your own OS and installing it that way.

  KRONOS the First 19:09 08 Jun 2012


Yes I bought it without an operating system as I am fortunate to have several spare copies of Windows 7. It came with a 500Gb HDD but I shall probably bung in a biggish SSD as they are dropping in price almost daily it seems.

  Nontek 20:55 08 Jun 2012

I bought exactly the same laptop from Novatech a few weeks ago, to replace a very old Desktop. Totally happy with my purchase, got mine with Win7 pre-installed - No Bloatware!! Also was cheeky and asked 'any Freebies with it' ... was given an excellent laptop case. I live not too far from Novatech.

I like the fact that it includes a couple of USB3 Ports as well as the usual USB2.

  robin_x 21:32 08 Jun 2012

Always nice to have new toys.

I was forced into a quick trip to Argos yesterday. My Canon printer/scanner got arsey with a cartridge.

While a new set of two would probably have fixed it, I wasn't going to chance it. Even cheaper compatibles might have wasted my money. And I hated that bloody thing from the day I bought it.

So at last I am the proud owner of a £29.95 Epson SX130 with 4 carts!!!

I don't even think I need to refill any more. Replacements are cheap as chips. (subject to checking other owners' confirm they work)

I am as happy as if I had a new laptop :-)

  rdave13 23:39 08 Jun 2012

Nice machine. Even better with an SSD :) My tale of woe is our Samsung digital camera, a few years old now, went rather hot while my better half and the children went to the West Midland Safari Park. Three or four pics and it died. A new one ordered.

  KRONOS the First 09:30 11 Jun 2012

Guess what,decided I really do not like this laptop and have come to the conclusion that I will need to spend a bit more than the £360 that I did to get something I am happy with.So back it goes.LOL.

My main gripe with this laptop is the viewing angle on what is a pretty rubbish screen. as I bought this mainly for my good lady who ,due too a medical condition can spend a few days in bed on a regular basis. With this laptop it seemed you could only view at a very precise angle plus the colours were pretty washed out. so back it goes to Novatech and as a replacement I am buying a Dell UltraSharp U2711 - 27" monitor,yes it is not a laptop but a virtual brand new one has come up on a forum that allows buying and selling of components, once certain criteria have been met. I currently have a 24" Dell and it is the best monitor that I own and I have 3 24". I can get this 27" for less than I paid for the 24" so cannot let this deal go past.

As to my good ladies needs,I am thinking of installing a monitor on a Vesa bracket and with wireless keyboard and mouse on one of these laptop tray. She will be able to use her desktop.

  onthelimit1 09:43 11 Jun 2012

Interesting about the screen - I thought they were all made by a couple of manufacturers, and that the viewing angles etc would all be similar.

  Nontek 10:08 11 Jun 2012


Hmm, sorry you are not happy with yours, I am delighted with mine - mind you, I don't actually use the screen as such. I bought my laptop as a Desktop Replacement and have connected - USB Cordless Mouse, Logitech USB Keyboard and Samsung SyncMaster 225MD DTV/PC screen, external hard-drive (for backups), so the only button I need to use on the laptop is the On(Start-up) button.

Added bonus is that the laptop is not being 'worn' by sweaty fingers etc, keeping it in pristine condition.

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