I beg for your help - images not showing on web

  Anais 03:33 11 Oct 2008

Hello – I am having a problem with images not rendering on my website. This very same issue was raised by a user named “Sajeev”, whose thread (question/answers) is viewable by typing that username into the search bar.

Specs: Dreamweaver 8 to design my webpages, Fireworks (bundled companion to D/W) to optimize the images (including the problematic image), Windows XP is my operating system (local testing environment), my host (HostGator) uses Linux as an OS, and Cpanel to manage my files on my remote server.

I tried every single solution proposed to Sanjeev, including changing names of files to all lowercase, ensuring proper file structure on remote server so as to mirror local testing server, and even deleting all files/folders on my remote server, re-creating the proper structure by hand (i.e. adding folders for “images”, “includes”, etc.), and then uploading the various pages by means of Cpanel (not from w/n D/W).

Alas, none of the above has solved my problem. To anyone out there willing to spend some time trying to help me troubleshoot this problem, thank you so much, and God bless you.


div id="wrapper">
div id="titlebar"> img src="images/topimage.jpg" width="738" height="185" /> /div>
div id="maincontent">

Local testing server:


Remote server:


  Anais 00:29 12 Oct 2008

Thank you for your response. Strangely, this morning, when I turned on the computer and tested my home page, everything appeared correctly. I can't imagine what happened overnight, except that maybe the ghost fled the machine.. :) I am sure I will be confronted with myriad additional problems as I take on this arduous task of building my website. Incidentally, if you want to access the home page (click here)please use "visitor" and "visiting" as username and password, respectively. Until I have everything ready to launch, I don't want anyone seeing a half-built site with links that don't work and forms that aren't scripted.

  Anais 12:39 12 Oct 2008

Hi - Many thanks for taking the trouble of examining my code. However, I'm perplexed. You say the image is named topimage.jpeg, but in fact it's named topimage.jpg, the same as the <img> tag. I do not recall having changed the image name. What makes you say the image file extension is jpeg?

  slightlymad 13:58 12 Oct 2008

Hoping to shed light on your re-appearing images, I think that the browser may have been displaying the 'cached', or older, version of your page.

I've had this problem myself, checking and re-checking a hundred times that the path and file names were correct, satisfying myself that they were but still not seeing the images. However, hitting F5 on your keyboard 'refreshes', or re-loads the page, and often does the trick. I suspect that when you re-visited, or re-loaded your site in the morning, the browser rendered the latest version.

It's worth adding that hitting F5 doesn't always work, and you may need to clear your cache by deleting your temporary internet files. In Internet Explorer 7 this is under Tools > Delete Browsing History. In the Delete Browsing History window that appears, click on the Delete Files button.

  Anais 18:14 12 Oct 2008

Slightlymad - Many thanks for the suggestion, I will add it to my arsenal of "potential" fixes. Too bad it's not completely reliable, eh? :)

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