I am trying to Hard reset a Galaxy Tab 4 tablet

  wishtobwireless 13:14 01 Jun 2018

I have an old Galaxy Tab 4 which I have forgotten main password. After googling how to after a number of attempts of doing the following when I get to the part of the instruction 'use power button' - It just powers off. I have tried touching gently, quickly, slowly and so on. All this has taken hours as I have only managed to get tablet to boot up in the correct manner about 5 times in 2 hours of continual trying instructions are - Power off, Hold home button, volume up and power on at same time, then use volume button to highlight 'wipe data/ factory reset. Then it says use power button. As I say it then just powers off instead of going to next instruction. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as always. many thanks Patient lady ;)

  difarn 13:46 01 Jun 2018

After you used the volume button to wipe data try pressing the volume up button to continue.

  wishtobwireless 19:00 02 Jun 2018

Hi difarn, thank you for replying, unfortunately no joy. Apparently after reading a little further the password is encrypted so not sure if this effects the power button usage at all

  difarn 21:11 02 Jun 2018

I don't think that should affect the reset. Do you have an SD card inserted into the tablet? If so try removing it and try the reset steps again. Have you looked at this YouTube video of a Galaxy Tab 4 tablet undergoing a hard reset?

click here

  wishtobwireless 07:34 03 Jun 2018

Hi difarn yes I have seen this and following the instructions, it still says I need to use the power button after highlighting. thanks again, looks like I might need to go and buy another used tablet from somewhere. I had taken out the SD card...

  BRYNIT 08:27 03 Jun 2018

Do you have enough charge in the Galaxy tab before trying a hard reset? Not enough charge will just tun the tablet off. Connect the charging cable and try again.

  wishtobwireless 09:21 10 Jun 2018

Thanks all for your help. Now sorted I took it into the local jailbreak shop and paid £25 - certainly worth it. Nearly there, I now just have to get the correct SD card as found the one i have is too small. Thanks again all for replying wtbw x

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