I am still having problems dealing with .rar files

  Triprajul 15:53 20 May 2010


First, I downloaded WINrar. Then, I downloaded all ten files for the film “Rear Window”. After the WINrar download and the file downloads, I right clicked on a file (part 1) and clicked “EXTRACT HERE” in WINrar. Yes, the files were uncompressed and I was able eventually (with some difficulty) to watch the film in KMPlayer. However, every time I want to watch the film again, I have to do the following:

1) I click on .rar (Part1) and then via a pop-up menu I click on OPEN WITH…and then next: WINrar Archiver.

2) Next, I see two WINrar folders. I click on the second folder. I click on the last file in the folder (a audio/video file). Next, a window pops up and I have to wait while each part is “extracted” or uncompressed. Finally, the film opens. I go through this every time I want to watch this film. However, there must be an easier method!

Questions for this Forum: How can I get the downloaded files to be permanently uncompressed or “extracted” on my computer? Next, how can I move them to the appropriate folder on my Hard Disk Drive and have them open for me instantly when I want to see a particular film? Thank you for reading my post and I look forward to reading your responses.

  bremner 16:00 20 May 2010

It may be an issue with the original files.

Where did you download them from?

  Sea Urchin 16:02 20 May 2010

I would suggest you do not keep opening new threads on the same subject - it gets very confusing for people trying to help you. This is at least the third one. I suggest you close the others and concentrate on one only.

click here

  michaelw 16:07 20 May 2010

I've never had a problem with 7-Zip click here

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