I am a novice at web design - quick query

  polenta 13:16 14 Dec 2005

Can anyone help me? I am using FrontPage 2003. I have created a test website (not published. I have created buttons and hotspots with hyperlinks to other pages in my web, which appear to work in "Design View", and are shown in my "hyperlinks view" and "Navigation view". However when I got into "Preview View" and click on them they don't work. Should they work? And if so what might I be doing wrong? Any help would be gratefully received.

  ade.h 15:45 14 Dec 2005

If it's anything like NOF, Preview simply allows you to see a finished page and you have to make a local or online publish before any links will work. Is there a local publish option?

  Mr Mark Nolan 22:38 14 Dec 2005

im not the best at web design at all i could say, have you put all th pictures in the same folder and make sure you dont have any spaces becuase some free web hosting sites dont allow any spacing and its very annoying when you have to enter all the links again.

  polenta 14:11 15 Dec 2005

ade.h and Mr Mark Nolan, thank you so much for responding to me I really appreciate your help. I will look into whether I have a local publish option and the spacing issue. Thanks again

  quack 17:51 15 Dec 2005

Try 'Preview in Browser' from File Menu. Should then be able to see if all works as it should.

  Forum Editor 18:18 15 Dec 2005

a) publish the site to your server


b) Preview the pages in your browser.

Any of the special FrontPage components like hover buttons, scrolling text, or discussion forums will not work until/unless the site is published to a server that has the FrontPage extensions installed.

  polenta 09:49 20 Dec 2005

Forum Editor and Quack, thank you so much for your help. Much appreciated. (Sorry for such a basic question!)

  Forum Editor 20:00 20 Dec 2005

are what come before more complex ones - and we were all their once.

  polenta 11:26 21 Dec 2005

Forum Editor, thanks for being so understanding.

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