I am looking for a supplier (inkjet cartriges)

  globus 11:53 02 Feb 2005

Hi there

I am looking for a supplier (inkjet cartriges)for our college.

... any good 'tips'...?

Cheers in advance


  Gongoozler 11:58 02 Feb 2005

This is the supplier I've found to be the best click here, or if you want manufacturers originals try click here

  GibsonSt19 12:02 02 Feb 2005

I've always found PhotoGlossy to be very well priced, and with free delivery as a bonus.

Always delivered very quickly too.

click here

Compatibles, or originals

  Sapins 12:09 02 Feb 2005

You will not beat click here for quality and price with free delivery.

  spuds 15:11 02 Feb 2005

This is a company that I have just started to use click here I believe that they have a 'trade division'going under another name for bulk orders. You can also contact them by phone 0870 890 2828

I use to have compatibles from Choice Stationary, but I began having problems with supply for my particular printer, so transfered to above supplier.

  Storik 15:32 02 Feb 2005

I used the reconditioned cartridges for my HP from here and found them to be excellent quality. Mine were bought at Morrisons, around half the price of the originals.

However this particular site address is their re-cycling address.

click here

Thought it might be useful tho', especially for college use?


  paddy75 16:27 02 Feb 2005

Try this site i use them all the time and free delivery. click here

  pj123 18:00 02 Feb 2005

You haven't actually told us what printers you are using. Mostly the best place I can suggest is Choice Stationery at click here

If, for some reason they don't have the cartridges I then turn to Tonezone at click here

Between these two suppliers I have never been let down.

  TonyV 20:30 02 Feb 2005

I have used click here quite a few times now and find them to be good, reliable, fast and very reasonably priced.

  cyberphobic 21:03 02 Feb 2005
  Daxsimus 21:37 02 Feb 2005

These have always been good for me. Reliable and quick delivery, as well as good prices click here

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