I am having trouble with headphones

  JDstokes 08:26 24 Jul 2013

When I plug the headphones in, I can hear sound through them (albeit low quality) but I can also still hear sound coming from the computer. I can also hear a high pitched crackling sound through the headphones. This happens with any headphones or earphones that I plug in. Also, when I go into Control Panel > Sound > Manage audio devices, the headphones are not listed. Only "Speakers" are shown.

Can anyone help?

  Nontek 08:44 24 Jul 2013

A bit more information might help - like, what OS, is it a Tower or Laptop, if a Tower does it have a dedicated Sound card??

  JDstokes 09:06 24 Jul 2013

It is a custom built Windows 7 PC tower, I'm not sure about the soundcard

  Chronos the 2nd 09:17 24 Jul 2013

How about your motherboard then? As that will tell us about the onboard sound.

Where are you plugging your headphones in? Front audio or rear?

  Nontek 09:28 24 Jul 2013


Download and run SIW, then look down the left-hand column under Hardware, this will show what Sound Devices you have in the tower.

A very useful information tool to keep in any case.

  JDstokes 09:36 24 Jul 2013

I'm not sure about the motherboard either, is there a way I can find out? I'm not very tech savvy. I have tried plugging the headphones into both front jacks and rear jacks, the following happens:

front green jack - crackling sound is present, sound comes from headphones & computer

front red jack - headphones stop working completely, sound only comes from computer

rear jacks - realtek audio manager pops up when plugged in, crackling sound is not present, audio comes from both headphones and computer

  JDstokes 09:43 24 Jul 2013

I downloaded SIW and got the following:

**Realtek High Definition Audio Name Realtek High Definition Audio Manufacturer Realtek Device ID HDAUDIO\FUNC01&VEN10EC&DEV0887&SUBSYS1458A002&REV_1003\4&395A8C5B&0201 PnP Device Id HDAUDIO\FUNC01&VEN10EC&DEV0887&SUBSYS1458A002&REV_1003\4&395A8C5B&0201 Master Volume Level 60%**

  Nontek 10:06 24 Jul 2013

So, no Soundcard as such, just built-in Audio on Motherboard. Could be Motherboard problem or possibly faulty Audio socket. Audio sockets by the way are usually Green, though sometimes Black.

Or, as it is a Custom-build tower, perhaps audio leads not connected correctly, or faulty, even faulty internal leads? Who built the Tower?

  Nontek 10:08 24 Jul 2013

BTW - SIW will also show you more information about the Motherboard - can you show that here please.

  JDstokes 10:15 24 Jul 2013

Motherboard info:


Summary Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Model H61MA-D2V Version x.x Serial Number [unknown]

Bridge North Bridge Intel Sandy Bridge Revision 09 South Bridge Intel H61 Revision B3

CPU Name Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz Cpu Socket Socket 1155 LGA Max CPU Speed 7000 MHz

Memory Summary Wrong values reported by BIOS Memory Type DDR3 Installed Memory 8192 MBytes Available Memory 8086 MBytes Channels 1 Maximum Capacity 32768 MBytes Maximum Memory Module Size [unknown] Memory Slots 4 Error Correction None

System Slots ISA 0 PCI 6 AGP 0 VL-BUS 0 EISA 0 PCMCIA 0 ExpressCard 0 MCA 0

  Chronos the 2nd 10:25 24 Jul 2013

Your motherboard.

Surely if your PC was custom built then you would have to know what components went in to build it?

How old is this PC?

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