I am having a stupid problem with my Taskbar.

  Housten 14:39 13 Jun 2018

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen, I know something silly is going on but my taskbar is "one" whatever deep at the bottom of my screen. I like to have it "two" whatevers deep and whilst the mouse crosses the upper line and shows the double-ended bar it will not move the upper line. Obviously I have done something silly, but I do not know what I have done!! Can anyone tell me what I have probably done, please?

All answers gratefully received.

  Gordon Freeman 15:24 13 Jun 2018

Try right clicking your taskbar and ensure it isn't 'locked'...if it is, then un-lock it & hopefully that should work.

  Housten 12:35 14 Jun 2018

Good Afternoon, Gordon Freeman,

Many thanks for your reply. I have unlocked, tried, locked and tried and absolutely nothing happens. I don't know if the problem is the fact that I am using Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, though.

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