I am having a problem(s) with Windows 7 updates. Please help!!

  Housten 17:04 19 Oct 2014

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

I am at my wits end with this/these problem(s) and I hope some ( very, very ) kind person can tell me what I have done wrong!!

I recently purchased a ( second hand ) Acer One 722 laptop, and am quite pleased with it. The only thing is Microsoft – at least I think it is them – is making updates behave ‘oddly’, I believe.

Briefly, it has Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit on it and a few weeks ago when I did an update I found 36 optional updates listed. They were all language packs, and I did not want – I think for obvious reasons – any of them. Well I couldn’t get rid of them and so I thought I was lumbered with them coming up every time I updated. Towards the end of last week ( OK on Friday, 17th ) I remembered something, and now I think I am proving the adage “That a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”!!!

I had suddenly remembered that it was possible to uninstall an update, so I thought that if I installed them and then uninstalled them that would get rid of them. So I looked at “Review update history” and sure enough there was ‘see Installed Updates’. So I clicked on ‘Check for updates’, and found there were about 20 to be installed; so I installed them. I then chose 1 of the language packs and installed it, which took a very long time!! Clicking on the ‘see Installed Updates’, I got a list of the updates, including the ones just installed – listed as being installed on ‘17/10/2014’. But whilst the language pack was listed when I looked on “Review update history”, it was not on the ‘Installed Updates’!

So I waited until yesterday and went through the same routine and found another 21 updates to be installed, which I did. The language pack is still listed, but under ‘Installed Updates’ it still does not appear!! However what is also concerning me is that the updates I installed yesterday – the ‘18/10/2014’ – do NOT appear on the list of updates either. So now I am totally flummoxed and need some help.

Can some very helpful person please tell me how I get ALL the updates to list including the language pack and those I installed yesterday, because a) I want to get rid of the installed one and b) I have another 30-odd to install and then uninstall and c) it would be nice to have all the updates actually listed. If anyone is interested the language pack update number is ‘KB 2483139’; which, incidentally, is the number for ALL the language packs, which is just another confusing item for me.

Many, many thanks to anyone who can help me to eradicate this ( or should that be ‘these’ ) very, very annoying problem(s). All replies will be very gratefully received.

  rickf 17:40 19 Oct 2014

If it helps I just ordinarily ignore the optional updates. Just leave them be and installed the essential ones.

  Housten 15:28 20 Oct 2014

Good afternoon, rickf and rdave13,

Many thanks for your helpful replies. I couldn't do anything last night as the wife and I were out. But I have now done as suggested and they have disappeared!!!

From a very, very much relieved pensioner, you have my very grateful thanks.

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