I am having a problem with DosBox...

  NeveroddoreveN 11:52 21 May 2018

My computer has two monitors, and I am trying to run a DosBox game in one monitor, and Microsoft Excel in the other one. My goal is to be able to manipulate Excel while the DosBox game is running, because while the game is running, I need to change tabs in Excel. My problem is that, when the game is running, I can't change or use Excel in any fashion. I have tried to simply move my mouse cursor (which I can't see while the game is running) to the second monitor to change tabs in Excel, but for some reason I cannot. I went on a different forum aside from this one, and someone said to push the Control-F10 to unlock the mouse cursor, but when I do, I can see it on the monitor with the running game, but I can't move that cursor to the monitor with Excel. Can someone help me with moving the mouse cursor to the second monitor so I can use Excel?

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