I am having posting trouble.

  Bagsey 22:54 07 Jul 2008

The following is a posting which I have tried to post 3 times now and cant get it onto the forum.

Well Rawprawn first of all I must apoligise for what seems to be an inordinately long time since I started this thread. I took your link and and contacted Davey at Mesh. After what seemed to me to be a rocky start in our communication he got someone to phone me and to my great pleasure the person who phoned spoke the type of English which I as a north countryman could understand. He went through my computer by doing tests over the phone which took a long time but in the end he was convinced that the machine should go back to the factory. This took approx. a week and a half to organise, waiting for labels etc to arrive by post then waiting for the collection. However after about 3 weeks in total all is well that ends well and I have had the computer back for about 2 weeks now and it is up and running without any problems. So thanks to you all for your help and a big thank you to Davey for getting me out of the circle of frustrating help line phone calls.

  Forum Editor 23:01 07 Jul 2008

It will be meaningless to pretty well everyone who sees it. Post it in your original thread.

  Bagsey 08:41 08 Jul 2008

Sorry that I missed out an explanation plus this link to my previousthread. Although the first sentance above does tell part of the story. click here
I have tried several times to update my original thread but after typing what for me is a fairly large posting and clicking on to the Post Response button the whole lot just dissapears into the wide blue yonder. As far as I can tell it only happens on this particular thread ???? I have done a test this morning again and I still cant post to it although I was sucessful on another thread. click here Can you explain why please :-((

  woodchip 11:58 08 Jul 2008

Thats why I copy the post then press refresh as nothing happens for me most of the time, its as if PCA as gone to sleep. pages very rarely fully load for me. but I do persist. its same at log on

  spuds 12:03 08 Jul 2008

Not sure, but I have similar posting problems at times. It is my fault usually, as I tend to miss the very small indication that there follow on pages.

  Bagsey 15:39 08 Jul 2008

I thought that my postings were not being accepted but of course I was being too stupid to think of looking for a second page on the other thread, and was blaming PC Advisor for a web error. Once again SORRY.please put it down to old age.Plus I have just had a gas bill :-))

  woodchip 16:44 08 Jul 2008

That as happened to me on odd occasion. But I have problems no matter which computer I use of Three comps, on it finishing loading of pages win98se or XP home

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