I am Curious Mr FE

  Lozzy 14:52 15 Mar 2003

Is the thread "Strewth! Not Another Operating System" the largest PCA has had?? If yes can we award Flec something in recognition of his good work and also out of respect for a man with such talent..

I for one applaud him..

Well done Flec

  Djohn 15:13 15 Mar 2003

agreed wholeheartedly. J.

  powerless 15:17 15 Mar 2003

If you reward one you have to reward others...

However he been helping me with strewth, so here's my thanks...

Thanks Flecc.

  spuds 15:20 15 Mar 2003

A definate vote offered here for flecc achievement's.Come on PCA, open the trophy cabinet !!.

  leo49 15:26 15 Mar 2003

I would suggest that flecc already has the only award he would accept - the utmost respect and appreciation from all Forum members for his hard work and generosity in sharing the fruits of his labours with all.

  Paul2003 15:31 15 Mar 2003

I think Flecc should be rewarded with a page or 2 in PC Adviser mag about his achievements :-)

Thanks Flecc for the help you have given me and many others ;-)

  Biggles no more 15:53 15 Mar 2003

and regret to say I didn't understand a word of it.

I am beginning to wonder if I should be using a PC as I find both this forum, and PCA, to be increasingly technical and difficult to understand.

  powerless 15:58 15 Mar 2003

The computer you are using has a lot of files on it that are not really needed. Flecc has managed to find these unneeded files and has removed them.

The result of this is a much faster computer.

  armageddon_outta_here 16:08 15 Mar 2003

Biggles no more
Don't worry. You don't need to know everythng all at once. A bit at a time, as and when you need it.

  armageddon_outta_here 16:12 15 Mar 2003

and I meant to add...

even flecc doesn't know everything! I've never seen any advice from flecc on how to increase your score on age of mythology or any other decent game!

  Djohn 16:16 15 Mar 2003

I too understood very little of the thread, and I've read every post to it, in fact I've read it a couple of times.

But I did enjoy reading every post and find it fascinating that a person (flecc) can learn so much in so short a time, (3 Years).

Stick with it biggles, this forum is for everyone. regards. J.

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