I am back thanks Vog

  mammak 20:14 22 Feb 2006

Just like to say the above, for 8 whole days have not been able to load my beloved PCA I have been going crazy "page cannot be displayed dns error"
whiles I was able to access my email vog as the gent he is helped all he could with my presistant moaning thanks for your help again vog your a true gent, what was the problem still dont know lol but I am back for now (yeh I know I wasnt missed but I missed you all dreadfully)mammak.

  mammak 20:28 22 Feb 2006

Thanks vog nope not a clue reregisterd loads of dlls flushed this and that did all sorts BT for the first time in years although never having a problem with them ever before did not want to know gave me the number for microsoft lol, but I am staying with pca for tonight not budging from it at all the shaking and sweats are still going strong lol.

  anskyber 21:12 22 Feb 2006

Iclick here what makes this site so good

  anskyber 21:14 22 Feb 2006

Sorry link not working click here

  mammak 21:24 24 Feb 2006

Within 30 minutes of my last post(22/2/06 was down again) phoned Bt again got a really helpful lady went through everything with me gave me a new profile ect still no joy just clicked on and old link 5 mins since and I am back again for how long I dont know? could not even get into email so the problem is ????? only know I have not been able to log onto pca for 10 days give the last time and that was for an hour tops, so if I dont replie you know I am lost again lol (not really that funny I am going crazy)love this site and I am useless without it.
thanks all mammak

  Forum Editor 22:16 24 Feb 2006

to the Helproom mammak.

  mammak 22:33 24 Feb 2006

Thanks FE.

  mammak 22:58 24 Feb 2006


  mammak 22:13 01 Mar 2006

I am back again for how long I dont know emailed FE about an hour ago and I am backkkkk cheers vog again for your help and you FE.

  Forum Editor 00:50 02 Mar 2006

with some questions.

  mammak 17:57 02 Mar 2006

Yes thanks FE I have responded to your email,
The one thing I did not mention was previous to logging on successfully last night I downloaded and ran "Winsock xp fix" and so far all has been well but as this has happened before I wont be at all surprised if it all goes wrong again,
pessimist or what, Thanks again for your help mammak.

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