I am back again

  the kopite 10:23 30 Jan 2007

Hi Guys I vowed never to enter these portals again after my last visit when my attempt a building a website recieved such server critisim lol, however after 10 pints of beer a few kicks at the cat and deciding FE was a manchester united supporter lol I realised your comments were not only true they were justified, it was a unmitigated disaster, so I realy tried again honest and would welcome your comments on my latest attempt please the url is click here thanks Kopite

  Sethhaniel 10:51 30 Jan 2007

clear and uncluttered - but a lot of spelling mistakes and spacing errors on full stops and commas - also the images on some pages are too small - they could be better resolution and still not take up too much space -

And does this one paragraph reference five different people ??
"Caratacus Stone" "clansmen of Cartatacus" "Catatacus was the chief" "Caratacus" "Caractacus,"

  Forum Editor 19:09 30 Jan 2007

not everyone has the character to admit he/she got something wrong. For the record, I'm an Arsenal supporter by the way.

Your home page contains too much text, and it will intimidate casual visitors. When you read it you can clearly see that it could be broken up into smaller sections and placed on other pages.

What you're aiming for with a homepage is the digital equivalent of a shop-window display. You're enticing the passer-by with a taste of that's inside, and you don't need to give a detailed description of the goods on offer. Try to imagine that you are a first-time visitor, and think about what you want to see:-

1. An immediate 'ident' - something that tells you what the site is about, and does so in a very few words: "The glorious West Country" for instance.

2. Images - they speak louder than words. Find some truly stunning images, and place them carefully on the page. Underneath each one place a caption, a short one: "An Exmoor stag" or "A Devon hamlet". Make sure the images are first-class, nothing shouts 'Amateur' louder than grainy, pixellated images.

3. Short text blocks, well arranged. Rather than scattering images on a huge slab of text, arrange the text in columns, like a newspaper, and intersperse the paragraphs with images. If you want to see a good example of how it's done, click here

Your punctuation is terrible, by the way, but you probably know that, and your grammar could do with a few tweaks. If you're serious about your site you might do well to get someone to edit the text for you, because as it stands it's very difficult to read.

  the kopite 08:48 31 Jan 2007

Hi Guys Thank you for your imput. I will be implementing your suggestions. FE I have altered my opening page to a abridged version as you suggested. And I agree grammar is not my strong point, and all I can say in my defence. Is it has been over 50 years since I was at school. And even then I only excelled in one subject FOOTBALL !!! lol. I understad what you say about a proof reader, but I would dearly like to compleated this project myself, so I will get a grammar book out of the libary and brush up on it. Thanks all Kopite

  Dirty Dick 12:41 31 Jan 2007

.. the FE gave a site to look at as an example, and I was just wondering, how do you bet the top pictures to change like that?



  the kopite 13:07 31 Jan 2007

Thanks fourth member I actualy thought is it no-more-ado or no-more-to-do but as usual plumped for the wrong one changed it lol. Are you volunteering to proof read.? Only all my time in the army all I ever heard was never volunteer lol

  the kopite 11:02 01 Feb 2007

Hi Forum member I was only joking hence the mention of the old army saying never volunteer lol I will ask my boy to read it. Unlike his dad he has a brain lol Thanks again guys for your help Kopite

  the kopite 15:13 01 Feb 2007

Hi again forum member I spoke to my lad and he will look at it but he supprised me by saying. That since the advent of computers and emails mobile phones and texts that the grammar is losing its importance. Surely this is not true? As for the photos I was thinking about puting a album on the site so people can just click to see the enlargements ? What do you think Kopite

  IClaudio 23:31 02 Feb 2007

Ilfracombe has only one 'l' (there's a joke in there somewhere!)

Your 'Villages' link goes to a page headed 'The perfect Holiday location' - and 'favourite' has a 'u' in it, are you using an American Spell Checker?

Don't listen to anyone telling you that grammar and spelling don't matter, even if it is your son! If you can't be bothered to check the details, why should anyone bother to persevere with your site?

Having said that, I found a lot of interesting things here, and it's worth doing a good job with the site.

  kindly 19:44 05 Feb 2007

I really love looking at web sites about peoples area where they live. I gives a great view of what we have in our country. I am not a great web designer or a poor one but i can tell a good site in the making. I would say you are on the way to a good site.
If you dont mind, I would like to make only one sugestion, that is maybe to split your home page into sections about the story of the araea. Ok thats all I have to say. So keep working at it and you will get it better each time you go back to working on it.
By the way what program did you use to make the site.

  kindly 19:47 05 Feb 2007

but my wifes family come from down your way, Minheniot village, maybe you heard of it.

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