I 386 - any need to back-up?

  panhandle 00:04 03 Jan 2006

Silly question I know - somehow this folder of 6000+ has got into My Docs on my daughters laptop. I need to do a reinstall of Windows, since, search,Explorer and most else are are not functioning.
I've copied all rest of My Docs contents across to my desktop - what about I386? These are system 32 files that will be reloaded with SP2, updates etc I think?
Or have I lost the plot? A little guidance would be useful. Ta!

  DieSse 00:15 03 Jan 2006

*I 386 - any need to back-up?*

Not if you're re-installing XP. It'll be created afresh in the correct place when you do so.

  Brezza 00:16 03 Jan 2006

i386 is system related i belive although i shouldnt imagine there would be a need to back it up if your doing a fresh install. If it is an essential required update it should download via windows update when you first connect to the net after re-installing.

Why you have over 6000+ files in there i have no idea....i had i386 at one point but there were 4-5 files in it tops.... 6000+ doesnt sound right at all to me, definatly go with the re-install :)

hope this helps

  panhandle 00:20 03 Jan 2006

You have confirmed my suspicions, and given the necessary reassurance - reinstall it will be.

  Stuartli 00:33 03 Jan 2006

My main i386 folder totals 99.6MB..:-)

If you have XP, try a Repair first rather than a full reinstall.

There are many posts detailing the procedure, which will retain all the programs, applications, oonfiguration etc already on the system.

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