hyperthreading and video editing a question

  JohnnyAlucarD 09:13 28 Dec 2003

I am running a Dell 8300 system, 3 Gig with HT enabled, however all 3 of my video editing software are not working as best they could (or at least as well as I would have expected on a 3 gig machine) and I wonder - could it because I have HT ON? I am using Sonic MyDVD 4, Roxio CD/DVD Creator 6 (and even out of desperation, Windows Movie Maker) yet all three repeatedly crashed several times - I had created a simple DVD (for friends) of their children , photo albums set to music and a short 5 minute dV piece of them playing. It took me almost 7 hours because the damn things kept locking up on me. Crash after crash happened. Doesanyone know if I would be better off not using HT? Any info on this? Or is the editing software buggy? Please help!

  rickf 09:33 28 Dec 2003

Could be a overheating problem for one as video edting takes up a lot of power and time but I think it might be more to do with the software you are doing your encoding/editing with. If encoding from avi to mpeg, it can take whole night depending on your comp.and the size of the recording. I have HT and a 2.8 Cpu (800fsb) and believe me the encoding process can take a lot of time. Try shutting down any progs. running in the background. Just a couple of suggestions. Others with more experience would, I am sure, try to help.

  MichelleC 09:45 28 Dec 2003

I don't know much about Hyper Threading processors, but video editing shouldn't be using the processor too much as it can't cope very well with the large files. That's why we ensure DMA is enabled on hd's to take the pressure away from processor. If yours is enabled then there's another couple of things to try:

Increase paging to 3 times ram total and have min and max same (System/Advanced/Performance Options)

Have main dv editing progs on system drive, with data and editing and rendering/burning on another hd (this helps eliminate crashing).

If all this doesn't help then I'd guess it's the HT (which you can disable in bios).

  rickf 09:59 28 Dec 2003

With HT disabled, the process would take even longer. I think the conflict is due to something else. Good suggestions MichelleC to increase paging. My CPU temp. went up from the usual 30c to about 45c when I was encoding about two hours of recording from my camcorder. I'll follow this thread closely to learn more.

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