Hyperthetical Win XP multiboot question?

  Simsy 13:04 06 Oct 2003

I'm asking this to get advice before I advise someone else on something....

What's in the back of my mind as I ask this is the ability of WinXP to "know" what hardware it is installed on when activating...

The scenario is as follows;

Suppose I have a hard drive with a single partititon, "C" drive, that has XP on, activated.

I to get "Partition Magic" and make another partition, "D", move all the saved data from "C" onto "D" so that the original partiton now has just winXP/applications on...

I now make another partition, between "C" and "D", and copy the "C" partition to it. I now effectively have 2 partitions that can be booted into, (subject to a boot manager and active partitions etc).

Now the crux of my question... if I were to try to boot from the "new" partition running Win XP, because it is running on different hardware, (by virtue of being on a different partiton), would it not run and require activation?

I hope the question makes sense! as I say, it is Hyperthetical!



  Simsy 15:28 06 Oct 2003

You've misunderstood...

The second installation will be EXACTLY the same as the first, in terms of what it conatins. the only difference will be that it is on a different partition...

My concern is that that will upset the activation as it might see the different partition as a different drive, hence think it is on a differernt PC, and thus not work?

Apologies if my misunderstanding isn't clear!




  powerless 18:44 06 Oct 2003

Well you can make more drastic changes to a computer than partitioning the drive.

You can have as many partitions as you like and it will not upset the activation.

  Simsy 19:27 06 Oct 2003

I appreciate that creating extra partitions wont in itself be a problem... just concerned that if XP boots up from the "new" bootable partition, it realises that it's not the first partition on the drive and says to itself, "I wasn't installed and activated in this place. I shouldn't be here." And stops.



  zanwalk 20:34 06 Oct 2003

For a detailed solution to this problem see this thread:

click here

  Simsy 23:01 06 Oct 2003

Just the information I needed!

It's not for me, so I wont be passing on the advice contained!




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