HyperOs Experience

  She 11:35 27 Apr 2003

Has anyone had any experience in the use of HyperOs? I have read very good reports of it and am very interested in purchasing it. But it is rather expensive and I would like to "speak" to someone with first hand knowledge rather than just take the word of reviews that the advertiser wishes us to read.

  Bebee 11:40 27 Apr 2003

I'm interested in this aswell. I'm sure you'll get some useful responses, but in the meantime a search of the threads here will produce some useful results.

  Belatucadrus 11:55 27 Apr 2003

flecc is the resident HyperOs expert, here are links to a couple of his past postings on it click here and click here hope that's of some help.

  Taran 11:56 27 Apr 2003

flecc is the HyperOS guru in here and he has both spent considerable time with it and documented his findings along the way.

I've only just started in on it so my limited time with it means that I'm not in a position to comment as of yet.

You could check out one of the longest threads this forum has seen to date which contains quite a lot of HyperOS related information, although you have to look through a lot of other data regarding an altered perspective on a stripped out and heavily modified version of Windows;

click here

  Taran 11:58 27 Apr 2003

Snap !


  She 12:16 27 Apr 2003

Thanks everybody. I did use the search before starting this thread using the criteria HyperOs but came up with a blank !
Now I know where to go to.

  Belatucadrus 12:27 27 Apr 2003

Expert and Guru in one posting, you don't suppose we're building him up too far ?

  flecc 13:29 27 Apr 2003

And here's two more links on it, and yes I'm still using and enjoying it. You can do all sorts of things with it, and it's even possible to dispense with antivirus and firewall if the setup is right. I haven't used either of those for two months now, but the setup has to be right, more info on that if wanted.

click here
click here

  david4637 15:31 27 Apr 2003

What is HyperOs, I have not come across that term before - obviously ignorant. Thanks David

  flecc 22:07 27 Apr 2003

It's a program that enables up to 10 or 20 operating systems to be run on a computer, either so that all members of a family can have their own system, or alternatively, so that the systems can each be configured for specific purposes to give the best possible performance.

It has many other features aiding performance and usability.

The main computer magazines carry ads for it, but the links given above will tell you everything you need to know, or you can visit the hyperos web site:-

click here

  david4637 18:50 28 Apr 2003

Thanks for the info, I think I have seen it advertised now you have reminded me. David

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