Hyperlinks not working

  Newuser3068 11:26 29 Aug 2003

I run IE 5.5 under Windows ME. Recently I have had an odd problem with hyperlinks. Sometimes when I click on a link the screen just flickers once and nothing else happens - I don't jump to the link target. I get a report in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen: "Error on page". This seems to happen with hyperlinked text. but not with proper buttons.
The same problem occurs when I click on a highlighted URL in an email - instead of IE launching and going to the website, I just get the screen flick and nothing else.

Incidentally, I also run NoAds popup stopper - could this be involved in the problem?

Any suggestions please?

  hugh-265156 12:56 29 Aug 2003

error on page,its more than likely the websites fault.

update IE to version 6 click here

  powerless 17:47 29 Aug 2003

click here

"Incidentally, I also run NoAds popup stopper - could this be involved in the problem?" - Stop it from running and you'll know.

  Newuser3068 18:58 29 Aug 2003

Powerless - I'm embarrassed that you had to do my thinking for me! I'll try it, and thanks.

Huggy - I've considered upgrading to IE6, but I imagine it's a hell of a long download (out in the sticks with only a dreadful dial-up connection). Is it really enough of an improvement on IE5.5 to be worth the time and trouble? Thanks.

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