Hyperlinks in Excel not working

  Ray5776 15:31 24 Mar 2007

Hello everyone, can someone help on this one please.
I have set up an Excel spreadsheet to list invoices and payments made and the dates etc.
This works fine but I have also tried to insert hyper links so that if I click on the date in row 1 then the relevant invoice appears on the screen.
I had this working perfectly about 2 weeks ago but I am now getting a message (cannot open the specified file) with some of them. Any clues on this, it does not happen with every file just some of them.


  VoG II 15:40 24 Mar 2007

I assume that the hyperlink is to an external document, not to a location within your workbook.

If you hover the cursor over the hyperlink a Tooltip should give you the full path to the document. Does the document still exist in that location?

  Simsy 15:43 24 Mar 2007

perhaps moved or renamed the files? This would cause this to happen.

Put your cursor over the link(s), right click and choose "Edit Hyperlink"... in the box that appears make sure that the path is correct, and the name is spelt correctly.

Apologies if this is not the cause of the problem.



  Ray5776 16:19 24 Mar 2007

Hi again,
I use a usb stick for this (backed up to HDD)

On the stick I have one folder only nothing else.
When I open this I have two subfolders (Invoices) and

If I hover over the link I do get the path and when I look in invoices the file is there and I can open it.

Looking in edit hyperlink the path appears correct but I still get the message.

I have also noticed that the format of the date on the non working links differs from that of those that do i.e. working links xx.xx.xx non working xx.mar.xx
if you see what I mean here.

There appears to be only seven links at the moment that do not work all in March but I would like to sort this to avoid future problems

  Ray5776 16:29 24 Mar 2007


It seems to me that if all the invoice files could be stored in the workbook then that would be the ideal solution.


  VoG II 16:39 24 Mar 2007

In Excel 2003 and earlier you can do this (I haven't worked it out in Excel 2007 yet!).

Insert > Object > Create from File, Browse to find the file, click OK, tick Display as Icon and Link to file.

You could do this on a separate sheet, then include hyperlinks to the cells on that sheet containing the invoices.

  VoG II 16:41 24 Mar 2007

Actually, it is exactly the same in Excel 2007.

  Ray5776 14:33 25 Mar 2007

Hi again,
I am trying to import the "Folder" containing the invoices into sheet 2 of the workbook. Have been unable to do this and think that I would have to import each "File" individually and set up new hyperlinks, a somewhat tedious process.

For the moment I will leave the invoices in their current location and repair the non functional links
(only 7) and see if there are any further problems unless someone has any other ideas.

Thanks Ray

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