Hyperlinks and drawing objects in FrontPage 2002

  imacd 09:31 26 Jun 2006

Hi I am using FP 2002 to do part of a departments site to go on the Intranet, on some pages I have used auto shapes and the 'add text' function to draw an organisational chart and then added hyperlinks to these objects. When I transfer the site to someone elses PC to demonstrate the text hyperlink in the auto shapes works correctly, but if the user clicks on the shape the hyperlink still tries to find a location on my desktop!
Can anyone advice on a way around this? I have found a way of just having the text as a link, but that doesn't meet the requirements for the site.

  Chris147 14:22 26 Jun 2006


Open the web page that has your hyperlinks on it in HTML view.

You need to make sure the src for the link(s) is pointing to the correct page IN THE SAME FOLDER.

If the page you're pointing to isn't in the same folder as the rest of your site, copy it there and update the link.

Finally, you need to copy the entire website folder to any other PCs you want to view the site on - or navigate to it through your network.



  imacd 23:18 27 Jun 2006

Thanks Chris
I;m not used to html, but once I worked out where the links were and changed them it all seemed to work fine!

  Chris147 14:26 28 Jun 2006

Glad I could help.

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