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Hyperlink not working on a particular page

  patrickj61 23:23 31 May 2017

I have Adobe Acrobat installed, but the hyperlink I click on a particular page don't open . Everytime I click on a link, I get "Page Not Found Sorry the page you are looking for is not available"

( Error 404 . )

Any help appreciated.


  BRYNIT 17:54 05 Jun 2017


The link you supplied @23:52 04 June brings up the same error. It could be you have to have an account and be able to log in before you can access the information in the link you supplied.

  lotvic 22:41 05 Jun 2017

I also am of the opinion you need to be a member and login before you can access the info in links in their emails. If your browser hasn't saved the cookies/login details from your last login that would explain why you get a 404 and other devices/pcs that have saved cookies/kept you logged in etc can view pages.

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