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Hyperlink not working on a particular page

  patrickj61 23:23 31 May 2017

I have Adobe Acrobat installed, but the hyperlink I click on a particular page don't open . Everytime I click on a link, I get "Page Not Found Sorry the page you are looking for is not available"

( Error 404 . )

Any help appreciated.


  patrickj61 16:17 04 Jun 2017

Hi q33ny, I use Chrome, but I have tried other browsers, ie: Edge, Internet Explorer and it is still the same. Here is one of the link: click here

  q33ny 16:58 04 Jun 2017

@lotvic "The only thing is, my work colleague doesn't have that problem" assuming that he's using the same link (as it should be normal) my assumption is correct. But I'm not going to argue because I'm a newbie, what do I know.

@patrickj61 the link provided comes up with Error 404, Page Not Found. How did you get this link? If it is from someone it might be the case that you need to log in to have access to it. If it was a quotation or something that required some fields to be filled in it will never work again.

Please give us more information about the link provenance and in what circumstances you got this link.

  BRYNIT 18:09 04 Jun 2017

If the link you supplied is supposed to take you to a particular page at ACG Associated Carpet Group the hyperlink may have an error as I end up on www. acgcarpets. com/404 with page not found. Removing the 404 takes you to the home page.

  lotvic 22:50 04 Jun 2017

I get the same as BRYNIT, using Firefox.

As you mention Adobe Acrobat presumably the link is in a .pdf document? or was it received via email?

Curious that if the part after track/ is ommitted you get the mailchimp page "You probably found this page because one of our subscribers used MailChimp to send you an email campaign"

q33ny, don't be so touchy :) instead of rash assumptions, better to ask questions or suggest things to try to affirm your suspicions of the cause - forum is a group effort.

  wee eddie 23:15 04 Jun 2017

My guess is that the link was correct at the moment of creation.

More than likely, the Owner of the page has changed it in the meantime, thereby giving you a 404.

  patrickj61 23:34 04 Jun 2017

Here is a better example of what the link is: click here you guessed, this link ( as well as other similar ones that don't work) come within a newsletter and should open within my browser as a pdf...


  patrickj61 23:42 04 Jun 2017
  patrickj61 23:52 04 Jun 2017

I am trying to send you the link as I see it:

  patrickj61 23:53 04 Jun 2017

By the way, it comes via email ( Office 365 )

  q33ny 09:00 05 Jun 2017

have you tried to log in on the website and than click on the link?

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