vinnyo123 14:03 21 Feb 2004

my turn for help lol
what is the trick to add a hyperlink to every email sent.I tried making a background stationary through notepad,word but no luck.Even tried putting tags manually still no luck.I want to have it added everytime I send a e-mail without doing it manually everytime.I have done it once before but forgot.

Thanks in advance

  tbh72 14:12 21 Feb 2004

I might be wrong, but wouldn't you change your "signature" in your mail program to include the hyperlink. Then just ensure that you add the "signature" to each outgoing mail.

  Taran 14:16 21 Feb 2004

Which email program are you using ?

The simplest method is normally to make an email template and use it to create new emails from. That way you can embed anything you like in the template, text disclaimers, graphics, logos and so on, and all emails created from it follow its layout.

I am assuming that you mean emailing from a program running on your computer and not from a webpage email form ?

A little more detail on your intended use/software would help, but an email template is normally the quick and easy way for domestic email programs.

  vinnyo123 14:32 21 Feb 2004

Outlook express

tried creating stationery as background through notepad and word but no luck.Outlook would note reconize word bachground.And tried to edit HTML tags and no luck.Can only get it as normal text had it to work once through Word but it was hyperlinking to Directory where folder was.
I had it working once before but lost configuration somehow and been trying this for awhile now and driving me nuts lol.It is probably a simple configuration LOL

  Taran 14:42 21 Feb 2004

There are a few ways to go with this.

From the outlook Express helpfiles:

To insert a hyperlink or HTML page into a message

Click the place in the message where you want the hyperlink or Web page text to appear.

To add a hyperlink, on the Insert menu, click Hyperlink. Select the file type, and then type the location or address of the link.

To add an HTML page, on the Insert menu, click Text from File. In the Files of type box, select HTML Files, and then find the file you want to add.


If you cannot select the Hyperlink menu command, make sure HTML formatting is turned on by clicking the Format menu in the message window and then clicking Rich Text (HTML). A black dot appears by the command when it is selected.

To create a hyperlink from message text, simply select the text before you create the hyperlink.


Another easy one from me this time is as follows:

Create and store a template e-mail in your My Documents folder. Create the message as usual in Outlook Express. Leave out the To: address.

Instead of sending the message, select File | Save As..., go to the Save as type: list box, choose Mail (*.eml).

When you want to send this message with its full content, just double-click it, fill in the To: field, and hit Send.

  vinnyo123 15:31 21 Feb 2004

yes understand this but this is manually putting in hyperlink evrytime sending a e-mail.I want the hyperlink to be in mail everytime without manually configuring it.

  Taran 16:30 21 Feb 2004

If you re-read the above you can combine the two - insert the hyperlink, save the email without a To: address field as a Mail file with the .eml extension.

Double click it and it will open in OE. Fill in the address details and send it.

You won't have to manually configure anything apart from the body text of your message.

I've just done it myself and it works perfectly, unless I've completely misunderstood your requirements.

All I did was open up a new email message in OE, put a few hard returns in and type my name and full website address followed by another hard return.

Click on Save as, name the file then close it.

Now open My Documents, double click the Name.eml message you just made, where Name represents the filename you gave the template. Type your message and put the To: and Subject: details in and send it.

The original file stays in My Documents unless you Save As and overwrite it.

It works and seems to answer your requirements as you describe them in full. If you want something else then specify what it is and one of us will take a look at it.

The only thing I can think of that this doesn't do is apply a hyperlink to text of your own choice, as in Click Here as a link. It requires the full web address.

If you want the words Click Here [or anythng else relevant to you] as a link, type them into a new email, highlight them, click on insert, click on hyperlink and fill in your options. Again, if you save the email in My Documents you can send it to whoever you like by double clicking on it and filling in the Subject:, To: and message text, but the hyperlink will still be there.

That's what you seem to be asking for and both methods work.

  vinnyo123 17:21 21 Feb 2004

I want it to work from OE not my documents(template).I want every mail created in OE via create mail or reply to mail to have this Hyperlink in it at bottom of mail.This way anyone on my LAN sending mail or replying via OE will have this Link in there.I don't want to tell evryone to send through template in my documents.I ned it to be in OE.Now maybe in your explanation you have this but I cannot get it to work I am still trying no luck.

  Taran 17:55 21 Feb 2004

If I'd known you wanted to do this over a LAN I'd have suggested something completely different.

Share these little bits of information why don't you ?


One simlpe way that I can think of without getting into silly territory:

Create a new Stationary template.

Check the Mail option in Tools, Options, Compose in the Stationary section so that "When composing mew HTML messages, use the following Stationary. Stationary fnots will be used" is selected. You can either edit an existing Stationary template or create your own with a web editor and save it in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery

You have to have OE set to always send or reply to emails using HTML for this to work but it does work. Copy the template to every PC on the network or place it into a shared directory on the server and set all OE installs to use the same settings: send, compose and reply in HTML format and set the template file you created as the default. The template file can be anywhere, on a network share or in the default location I listed above, but you must make absolutely certain that OE is not set to reply in the format a message was received in. It has to send, compose and reply in HTML format for this to work.

All subsequent emails will be created from this template.

I've just tried it and it works perfectly for LAN computers. It would have helped to know that from the outset. I thought you were on a standalone PC, but you can do much the same with one or several computers.

  vinnyo123 14:24 22 Feb 2004

"but you can do much the same with one or several computers. "

I believe it was your quote.I been saying how I wanted it.You sound like your a teacher LOL

And thanks for your time got it to work via word just had to add link differently.

  PurplePenny 19:58 22 Feb 2004

But the problem was that you were not saying it very clearly.

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