Hyper Threading / 800 fsb.

  meanjd 22:35 11 Aug 2003

With such a selection of P4 proccessors on the market and a new range due out in September ( so I'm told ) I need some advice! How would a P4 2.4GHz with hyperthreading & 800 front side bus compare to a P4 2.4GHz with no hy/th & 533 fsb?

the former will be quite a lot faster overall particlarly when running more than one intensive task simultaneously. the processor chews at the same speed but you can shove a whole load more in its mouth at once.

  Djohn 00:14 12 Aug 2003

Thats the best description i've heard in quite a while ;o)

  DieSse 00:22 12 Aug 2003

You can see a set of test results from Tom here - which includes the two circumstances you talk about.
click here

The improvement seems to be around 5%-15% on the tests they do. The tests may not show up the full improvements when multi-tasking tho'.

By the way, you can run a standard P42.4/533 in a new motherboard 800 with HT, with no problems (I'm doing so).

  meanjd 02:51 12 Aug 2003

Which of the newer P4 processors with Hyperthreading & 800 fsb would be the equivelent or closest to the older P4 3.06 with Hyp/Thr & 533 fsb?

  DieSse 08:35 12 Aug 2003

If you look at the link to Toms you can make your own judgement.

  meanjd 00:12 13 Aug 2003

Thanks for the tip but my browser doesn't read Toms site properly.

  temp003 05:50 13 Aug 2003

Which of the new 800MHz FSB CPUs would be closest to the 3.06GHz CPU?

So much depends on motherboard, memory used and so on, but to cut through that, as a rough idea, I should imagine the new 2.8GHz will be closest overall. It can probably beat the 3.06 on some tests, but will lose on tasks requiring sheer CPU clock speed (such as MP3, video encoding). The new 2.6GHz should be behind the 3.06GHz, but probably not by too much.

Depending on what the price difference is, you may find 2.6 the best deal, although the 2.8 should not be a bad deal either.

  DieSse 08:42 13 Aug 2003

Either the 3.0GHz or the 2.8GHz with hyperthreading can be considered roughly equivalent to a 3.06GHz without - but it depends a lot on what programs are running.

Tom considers the 2.8GHz is the best buy, as it's noticeable less expensive.

  meanjd 21:58 13 Aug 2003

Thanks folks! The P4 2.8GHz seems to be the order of the day.

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