Hurray Broad Band is coming at last. BUT.

  Bagsey 20:58 23 Jul 2003

At last broadband is on the horizon, now come the questions.
At the moment I have my desktop with its internal modem and my wifes laptop with its internal modem connected to the phone line through a double phone connector. This works OK as we rarely both want to be on line at the same time. When we go broadband how will this system set up be accomplished. What equipment will I need. Can I expect to be able to have both computers perform in a similar manner to the way it is now.
Sorry if this sounds a bit vague but I know precisely zilch about broadband other than the promise of EXTRA speed. Can anyone offer advice on this in very simple terms please. Thank you
My computer is on XP home and my wifes laptop is running ME.

  Tim1964 21:07 23 Jul 2003

You will need Network Interface cards in both PCs (2 in the 'main' machine and one in the other.) The cards are less than £10 each, the laptop version may be dearer though, and a 'crossover' cable to connect the two PCs together (about £10)

  graham√ 21:15 23 Jul 2003

You could (I think!) set up the Broadband on both and swap the USB connector to the broadband 'modem' as required.

  pj123 23:43 23 Jul 2003

You could buy 2 BB modems, but as they cost somewhere between £60 and £90 depending on your ISP probably not cost effective. Which means graham√ has the easiest solution. Both AOL and NTL are doing a promo offering free modem and installation. But they would probably charge for a second modem. The only problem I can see with graham√ suggestion is that both PCs have to be close to the modem to do the swapover.

  steve12345 02:01 24 Jul 2003

A slightly more expensive but more convenient method would be to buy a BB-Modem with built in wireless (WiFi) networking and get two wifi cards, or one card for the laptop and connect the desktop directly to the the BB-modem.

I have this set-up with four PCs and it works great!

Try searching on click here for "Wireless ADSL".

Hope this helps.

  Bagsey 07:28 24 Jul 2003

Thanks for your ideas. I am out all day today, going now, so will read up carefully and come back this evening. Thanks again.

  graham√ 09:24 24 Jul 2003

If you are with AOL at the moment, click here

  Bagsey 15:05 25 Jul 2003

Thanks everyone for your advice and hints. I can see the merits in each idea BUT as a true Yorkshireman I think that I will go for graham√ idea as that is very much as we work now and is very cheap. I dont find that it is much problem to reboot to go on the web. At the moment the cables from each computer are conected to one of those phone double sockets and this works fine. Not knowing how broadband functions I wondered if the same system will still be ok, or would I need to unplug one of the machines. I really must do some reading on BB as a system. I understand that BB is permenantly on but does it need to be? Or can I log on as and when needed? Gosh reading this I sound really THICK. I think that is the word.
I would be pleased to hear any other opinions.

  scooby43 15:21 25 Jul 2003

hi yes broadband is an always on connection however you can yes only use it when you want with general software that comes with broadband I am with freeserve although the connection is always there you can still have the option to disconnect from the net and reconnet when ever you want to use it sorry about repeating myself here disconnecting you can use like you do now expect there is no dial as broadband is constantly connected to the net.

All you need is 2 network cards and a network cable for starters, as graham√ stated. There are lots of broadband services depending what you can
recieve in your area.

again sorry for the repeating

cheers scooby43

  Bagsey 16:01 25 Jul 2003

At the moment I have the two computers with internal modems which as I said I connect via their cables to the phone line. Now I assume that I will have an external BB ( Modem) device, so why would I need network cards? Why cant I just connect to the BB device as I am doing now?
Words of not more than two syllables please.

  HighTower 16:38 25 Jul 2003

We use a network switch / router unit. We have 5 ports on the switch / router which each computer connects to through their network card. Each computer can access the internet and also share files with each other. The router cost around £100 and although we have a standard Nildram Home connection on a 50 - 1 contention ratio we still have 5 computers running on the one line with great broadband speeds. You could do the same with your system, but I suspect it will cost you a bit more than a USB modem.

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