Hunt the cursor

  Pineman100 18:33 09 Nov 2007

My wife's new laptop runs Vista Home Premium. She has a USB Microsoft laser mouse attached to it. She's recently been using it for a big word processing project with Word 2000.

On a number of completely random occasions during this project - often several times a day - her typing cursor has jumped to an apparently random position in the document, without any action on her part. She'll be halfway through typing a sentence and suddenly find that the second half of the sentence has been inserted somewhere right away from where she started it.

At first I thought she was causing this problem by inadvertently hitting some key or other, but then I read the following in a Sunday Times article entitled "Gadgets Conspire Against Me" by Jon Holmes:

"Take my laptop. I've altered none of its settings and yet, mid-typing, the cursor has developed the habit of flinging itself to another part of the document."

Does anyone have any experience of this problem? Could it be the result of running 7-year-old MS Office under Vista? Or could the mouse be to blame? It didn't come with any driver software, so is running under a generic driver.

  Gamer555 18:40 09 Nov 2007

I'm guessing the keyboard is USB aswell? There is a few... well alot!... of issues with USB connections and Vista. You could try installing the latest drivers for your mouse and keyboard from Microsoft. Otherwise, wait until SP1 next year and hopefully this should be sorted out! lol.

See my thread in 'Windows Vista' forum...

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Also might be worth following this thread...

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  woodchip 18:42 09 Nov 2007

If it's a Wireless Optic mouse check the Battery's fully charged

  Pineman100 18:52 09 Nov 2007

Gamer555 - thanks for your comments. No, it's the laptop's built-in keyboard that she's using. If Microsoft didn't provide any driver software with the mouse, is there likely to be any available for download?

Woodchip - thanks to you, too. No it's a cabled mouse.

  wee eddie 18:54 09 Nov 2007

she is accidentally brushing the "Touch-Pad" with a cuff or some similar part of her attire.

Try disabling it.

  VoG II 18:55 09 Nov 2007

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I would also disable the touchpad.

  Pineman100 19:12 09 Nov 2007

Doh! I can't believe I didn't think of that! It's the logical explanation.

Many thanks - and for the Microsoft link, too.

I'm sufficiently confident in your suggestion that I'll close the thread now.

Thanks again.

(Sneaks off and pretends to his wife that he's thought of the answer himself).

  Gamer555 20:29 09 Nov 2007

Note to self: Read posts properly! Read posts properly!

Thats the second time i've done this!

Feel like a right idiot!


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