A Hung System

  Eddy-204228 01:04 23 Mar 2004

I have an AMD Athlon 2400xp, K7n2 Delta series motherboard "NVIDIA nForce 2 chipset, 512 ram, 100gb and 6gb HD`s, Nvidia 200 graphix card, and Soundblaster live 5.1, The problem is that when i run MS flightsim 2002 it freezes after a couple of minutes with a high frequencey noise coming from the speekers, this also happens with Tiger wood 2004, Im still not sure what causes it but, im thinking the temp in the case or something,, So i installed PCAlert 4, and monitered the temp in the case and the cpu, it crashed at cpu 50`c and the case was 55`c, it doesnt seem that high, i tried blowing cold air in the case with a hairdryer, and it didnt crash, i only have 1 fan "on the cpu", and i installed an exhaust fan, that extracts hot air and throughs it out the back, but with the case closed it still crashes "when i run huge programs", please could someone tell me if this is the answer ie "get fans", or is there something else that it could be, its the first time ive build a system, so im open to suggestions

Eddy J

  gudgulf 01:31 23 Mar 2004

If blowing a bit a cold air into the pc cures the problem then heat is almost certainly the problem. If the fan on your cpu is the correct one for your model and you are sure the heatsink is correctly fitted then make sure all the ventilation holes in the case are clear and that all the cabling in the pc is not blocking the airflow through the case.

Check that the fan on the graphics card is working and also if the sound card or other pci card is in the slot just below the graphics card then move it to improve airflow to the graphics card.

Also can you be more specific on the graphics card model--eg Gforce 3 ti200 or whatever?.Just to make sure you are using a card capable of playing the games you mention.

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