Humax recorder is recording but cant find them in the media for replay

  johnbhoy60 13:22 14 Sep 2014

I have a Humax recorder. It seems to be recording, but they don't appear in the listing for replay. It only happens with the BBC channels

  lotvic 17:13 14 Sep 2014

Did you explore the link for info I posted in your other (duplicate) thread?

Other thread click here

  lotvic 17:14 14 Sep 2014

It does help if you say which model of Humax box you have :)

  johnbhoy60 19:50 14 Sep 2014

Its a Freesat HDR

  lotvic 23:49 14 Sep 2014

OK, what model number? and how full is the hard drive?

How can you tell 'It seems to be recording'

Tell us what steps you go through when attempting to record a program and then it's not there in the media listing for replay.

  Graham* 20:52 15 Sep 2014

Try this Forum

  lotvic 21:08 15 Sep 2014

seems odd it's just the BBC channels, wonder if it needs re-tuning? Do they show up okay on the epg?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:04 19 Sep 2014

Had same problem with BBC radio programs not recording after Sept 3rd on a Humax fox t2

needed to do a retune to sort the problem.

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