Humax Freesat video recorder HDMI

  wiganken2 18:44 05 May 2018

I have a Humax HDR-1100S Freesat HD TV Recorder which was bought in Aug 2017 and is connected to my Panasonic TX-39A400B TV, bought in Aug 2014, using TV HDMI1 port. My Pana TV’s CEC is switched ON but the Humax’s CEC feature does not communicate with the TV’s CEC. I also have a Samsung Blu-Ray disc player BD-H6500/XU, bought in Feb 2016, connected to the same Pana TV’s HDMI2 port and the Samsung’s CEC feature communicates reliably with the Pana TV’s CEC. I know this because after watching the Humax on HDMI1 and switch ON the Samsung Blu-Ray the TV input will auto-switch to HDMI2. However the reverse does not work so if I have been watching via Blu-Ray on HDMI2 and then switch the Humax ON the input does not auto-switch to HDMI1. I have to do this manually. In case it was the TV HDMI1 port I tried switching the HDMI cables at the TV and I have tried other HDMI cables but nothing changed. I know CEC runs via pin 13 on the HDMI connection so it is possible, but unlikely I think, that just that one pin on my particular Humax HDMI port would be damaged. Is it something we have to live with? Does anyone have any suggestions?

  wiganken2 18:53 05 May 2018

PS: - I should add that I have submitted this on the Humax forum click here but have not received any suggestions in 6 days so maybe there is no answer. I just hoped there might be some people on this forum who might know better than the people on the Humax forum. I can only hope.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:10 05 May 2018

It doesn't work on my Humax Fox T2 either

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