Humax Freesat Box LNB Question

  prince midas 11:24 26 Nov 2008

I have an existing Sky Box for Freeview.The Sky Dish I am told will work on the new Freesat from Humax, but will I have to have a twin LNB fitted to get HDD pictures and recording facilies.

  Stuartli 12:53 26 Nov 2008

Quad LNB is the answer apparently from other threads on the subject.

  prince midas 12:55 26 Nov 2008

Thanks StuartLi

  Stuartli 15:57 26 Nov 2008

I'm presuming you wish to keep Sky?

Freeview is not Sky's Free to Air service (which is also called FreeSat), but digital terrestial broadcasting (DTB) via a normal television aerial.

The satellite version is DSB.

  DieSse 00:25 27 Nov 2008

The Humax box needs two cables (one for the tuner to watch channels - the second for a second independant tuner to record channels.

So the Humax box itself only needs a twin LNB.

If you want to retain your Skybox as well - this needs it's own cable - and thus you would need a Quad (4-output) LNB (which would leave you an extra spare output.

Freesat is the new BBC/ITV satellite service. "Freesat from Sky" is the service whereby you get free channels on a Skybox.

The set of free channels you get on each sewrvice is not identical (though both include all the BBC/ITV services and Ch4 and Ch5 and some others.

On Freesat you also get HD channels (with an HD box) - on "Freesat from Sky" you don't (as yet) and would need a new Sky HD box.

  DieSse 00:29 27 Nov 2008

PS - if you're upgrading your LNB to a multi-output LNB - it's always worth the little extra for a Quad (4-ouput) one. It gives you more choices for the future.

The new LNB is only required for the multi-outputs - not for HD, the boxes do that.

  Stuartli 11:06 27 Nov 2008

Sky will never, to the best of my knowledge, include HD transmissions on its FTA service.

  DieSse 16:30 27 Nov 2008

I bet they will.

  Stuartli 18:59 27 Nov 2008

A pound to a penny they won't.

It would almost certainly seriously curtail income from the present HD service.

In fact the Sky FTA service is nothing particularly special programmes wise it seems to me. See:

click here

As ITV has categorically stated that its HD service will only ever be available on the BBC/ITV Freesat service, what else could Sky offer at this level?

  DieSse 19:38 27 Nov 2008

..."what else could Sky offer at this level"

BBC HD - Ch4 HD - Ch5 HD perhaps?

The thing is - All these HD services, which are "free-to-air" are or will be transmitted from the same bouquet of satellites that both Freesat and "Freesat from Sky" and many other services use.

When transmitted without encryption, they are available to any receiver of the correct design. This doesn't even have to be a Skybox or a Freesat box.

Now you musn't confuse the various EPGs and what's included in them with the ability of any of the various boxes to receive them. So it may be quite possible that the SkyboxHD can receive ITV HD, but not include it in the Sky EPG.

It's quite possible, for instance, for a "free-to-air" box to receive all the ITV regional transmissions - but you won't find them in the Sky EPG.

It's true that Skyboxes cannot be adjusted to all possible permutations of coding parameters, so ITV could "hide" their transmissions from Skybox reception by using a parameter set not supported. But the BBC HD doesn't do this, nor do other HD channels. So perhaps ITV won't actually do it either

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