Humax Foxsat PVR HDD Upgrade

  Press Man 14:09 18 Jul 2013

Hi Guys,

Can anyone tell me, or, point me in the right direction as to which HDD's are currently available to upgrade my Humax Foxsat to a 1TB HDD. HDD's that I have seen reccommended elsewhere, appear to be no longer available?

  LastChip 19:42 18 Jul 2013

Use whatever you like providing it fits in the case.

The only thing you need to concern yourself with is formatting the drive correctly for the inbuilt Linux operating system. I think it's ext3, but please check that before you go ahead and do it.

  Press Man 10:37 19 Jul 2013


As far as I can find out, the Humax can format a HDD up to 1TB, above that I believe there is a formmatting procedure! I am still uncertain though about being able to use any HDD. All the info that I have read indicates HDD of a certain type i.e. "AV-GP" or "CS" or some other designation. "Confused"!!!!!!

  Chronos the 2nd 11:17 19 Jul 2013

Here are some instructions I used in my Humax PVR.

  Press Man 16:09 19 Jul 2013

Chronos the 2nd,

Thanks for your input, but the drives mentioned in that thread are old and not available. The actual fitting of the drive for me will/should not present any problems.

  Chronos the 2nd 16:44 19 Jul 2013

Samsung F4EG 2TB.

According to this article/instructions you can use any HDD as Humax use 3.5 sized HDD's. I cannot remember what make/model of HDDI stuck in my Humax HDR FOX-T2, I had plenty of HDD's lying about and really wanted to see if it could be done.

  LastChip 20:04 19 Jul 2013

Let's try and dispel some myths here. A hard drive is a hard drive - end of story. It doesn't matter what make it is, providing is is the correct type (IDE/SATA/SCSI being the most common).

There may be some validity in the system limiting the overall size. I'd have to investigate that further to find out. Certainly Linux itself for all practical purposes does not impose restrictions, (most of the worlds super computers run on Linux!) but maybe Humax have introduced some themselves.

That said, it's clear people have had success with 2TB drives, which isn't exactly tiny.

Common sense says go for something quiet, given the environment in which it will operate.

Chronos the 2nd's link provides good detail on how to do it. If you use that method, at the end of the day, if you can't make it work, you can always put your old hard drive back until you can find out where it's going wrong.

That's the beauty of cloning a drive, which is essentially what is suggested in the link. But you're expanding the capacity as well.

  Press Man 00:10 20 Jul 2013

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your help. I have found info here. click here I think I will settle for the WD10EURX drive as this appears to format itself when installed in the Humax FoxSat.

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